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Summer is over, and you could see these little creators fluttering about food, especially in your kitchen. Chemical disinfectants are dangerous for your children and pets, or you do not want to use them in your kitchen near your food to avoid accidental consumption, or they are not showing good enough results either. Try these homemade recipes to avoid ants this summer; These are recipes tested and tested and recommended by many.

Knowing the ants in your house

Before continuing with the recipes, let us understand the type and type of domestic ants. These ants follow a trace of smell using their antennae and the best way to avoid them is to break these traces of smell, therefore, we use home remedies such as essential oils that have a strong smell to get rid of these ants.

Carpenter ants

These are the largest ants ranging from 6 to 12 mm in length and red or black. These ants make colonies by chewing wood, especially wet and dead wood, and they are often known for widespread structural damage, somewhat like termites, although they do not feed on wood.

Pavement ants

These brown ants have a length of 3 mm and are attracted only by sugary foods. These ants make their nests widely in the most difficult areas in the pavements and hence the name.

Fire ants

These red colored creatures are the most harmful domestic insects and are harder to treat at home.

Odorous house ants

These are the smallest of all, but they have larger colonies. They outnumber any other type of domestic ant.

Some precautions you should take to avoid ants.

While we teach you how to deal with ants, here are some precautions you should take to avoid the damage that these insects can cause.

Keep your food in airtight containers. Keep your kitchen area clean with no food debris, especially the kitchen sink. Keep your kitchen trash bins clean and clean them every day. Try to keep your house dry for the ants that go through your house in search of water in this dry season.

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Home remedies to prevent ants in your home


Cinnamon can be found very easily in all homes and acts as an ant replant and insect killer. Its strong smell keeps the ants away from your home. Keep cinnamon ground at the ants' entry point, and it works well to keep them from entering.

White vinegar

Mix one part of white vinegar with three parts of water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture on the area affected by the ants and also your point of entry. The strong smell of vinegar prevents them from entering your home.


Borax helps kill ants and therefore get rid of them permanently. Simply mix a part of borax with two parts of granulated sugar and distribute it in the affected areas and you will see the result for yourself.


The acid property of the lemon masks the ants away from their house. Simply rub a piece of lemon in the area where you see them entering, and the smell of lemon alone will prevent them from entering your home.


Being a natural insect repellent, keep ants away from your home. Just add a few drops of mint in a glass of water, pour it into a spray bottle and spray the area twice a day until the ants are completely removed.

Essential oils

The ants use their power to smell the way to the food area, and the essential oils differ in the sense of the ants. There are several food grade essential oils available in the market to help you get rid of house ants permanently. Few of them area as below:

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> Peppermint essential oil.

> Tea tree essential oil

> Clove essential oil.

> Lemon or orange essential oil

To accumulate an essential oil spray, just pour a few drops of any essential oil, or you can mix two, in a glass of water and place it in the spray bottle. Spray this mixture on the affected area twice a day until you get rid of the ants completely and the magic is done.


Like essential oils, vinegar also masks traces of ants' odor and is very effective in getting rid of them. Just make a spray of vinegar adding water and use it daily until you get rid of the ants completely.

Sodium bicarbonate

Just add a part of the sugar with an equal part of the baking soda and place it anywhere you see ants. This helps to get rid of the ants permanently, since due to the acidic property of the sodium bicarbonate it is poisonous to the ants.


Just draw a double layer of chalk around the ants and you're done, you'll prevent them from crossing the line and, if they inhale it, they'll go straight to heaven.

Liquid dish soap

It is interesting that liquid soap can also be used as an ant repellent, simply mix a part of liquid soap with water and spray over the affected area and your work is ready.

Diatomaceous Earth of Food Quality

This food grade powder chemical is not dangerous for pets and children, however, it is very effective at killing ants. It is said that this contains fossilized marine phytoplankton remains. It adheres to the body of insects and kills them by drying them. This is available in the market and can even be purchased online to treat your house by ants.

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