How to deal with the feeling of being a failure.

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What it feels like to be a failure.

Being a failure is a deep feeling in one's heart, the feeling of heaviness, the feeling of fear and frustration, the feeling of sadness and guilt. Being a failure is a feeling that we try to neglect until, unless the feeling begins to kill the self-confidence and morals of a person. When this feeling of being a failure grows, one feels angry, unhappy and can not breathe easily. The feeling of being a failure makes a person's life miserable for themselves and the people around them.

If you are wondering that you are the only one who is feeling all these miserable things. So let me tell you that most of us somewhere in our life experience this feeling. myself they have faced This feeling of failure, but now I'm glad I got over it. I experienced this burden of failing in life, the feeling of being a failure that caused me pain every time in my chest every time even after so much hard work I could not succeed.

For the people around me, I was a successful and disciplined person, but deep down I knew I had failed in so many things. Yes, I am successful in many things, but all those things that I failed in were very close to killing me. I knew and I could not forget that I had failed, that feeling of being a failure did not leave me free.Failed were the words that kept moving in my head from time to time, and the heaviness of these words was like small doses or big blows as powerful as the Mike Tyson hit.

There may be a serious reason for this feeling of being a failure and there may be a stupid reason behind this feeling that you are taking very seriously. In both cases, your confidence in yourself, your morals and your personality will suffer badly. Then, when you feel that you have failed in life, remember these points that helped me get out of that miserable feeling.

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How do you feel when you feel like a failure in life?how Do you feel when you feel like a failure in life?

Tips to deal with the feeling of being a failure.


If you think yoga is only for yogis, think again. Yoga is something that works for your body, mind and soul in general. Yoga helps you to have a healthy body, purify your inner being, strengthen yourself emotionally and make you feel happier from within. Practicing yoga for 10-15 minutes a day can do wonders. Sitting on the floor with your eyes closed and concentrating on your breathing is enough for beginners to see the miracle of yoga.


To feel energized all day, you must understand that your diet plays an important role. I have seen many people just keep jumping chips and things when they are upset or not in a good mood. That only makes you feel more pathetic. Trust me, a friend advised me and I changed my diet for a few days and I could see the changes in me and in my morals.


Life continues to teach us every moment, we are the ones who learn or simply stop learning. The miserable phase of when you feel like a failure in life, one cuts out of this learning. This is the biggest mistake we all make, never stop learning.

In fact, to increase your morale and regain confidence in yourself, you can join a small course of what you want. You can go dancing, cooking or whatever you want.

Think and redefine failure

Think and redefine failure. Yes, you have to do that. Your definition of failure sucks and you know it. Find a positive way to see this word failure. Read positive quotes It works. Everything you read has an impact on your thought process, reading positive quotes that define failures also helps.

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The following quote from Sir Thomas Edison I will justify my point clearly as a transparent prism.

positive quotes on failure

Social circle

Try to stay with people who increase their morale and are positive thinkers. Do not be at all costs with people who discourage or laugh at you. Your friends and family are the only people who can unknowingly help you more. Trust me, choose who to stay with and let you guide is in your hand. Choose your social circle with the greatest care.

I hope that, as I was able to get out of this miserable feeling of being a failure, this article will also help you all. If you liked it and enjoyed reading this article, please comment your suggestions and comments below the publication.

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How to deal with the feeling of being a failure?

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