How to clean with the change of season and avoid getting sick

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If you are lucky enough to catch some days or moments for these holidays, immersing yourself in a piece of literature that provokes thoughts is as refreshing as immersing yourself in a hot bath. There are so many fantastic books, old and new, that you can find in good bookstores and in line with a fantastic vision of lives well lived. Many include steps to help you embark on living a more connected and deeper life, whether through food, attention or exploring your own creativity or humanity.

We have selected a collection of books that not only support your health and well-being through instruction, but also through beauty and consideration of writing. The benefits of enjoying a good book are immeasurable. We hope you can find something you love here!

Wanderlust finds your true bifurcation: travel in a healthy, delicious and ethical diet

This innovative cookbook comes from the Wanderlust Festival and the founder of coffee, Jeff Krasno, who has done an incredible job to inspire people to live consciously and eat consciously. 'Find Your True Fork' aims to show people the variety of ways you can cook and eat, be it vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous. Incorporating good nutrition into a balanced life, this book seeks to help people make the best decisions when it comes to cooking ethical and delicious meals. Well-known chefs and wellness experts have come together to provide advice on gardening and food preparation with their own products, as well as to explore and simplify fermentation and biodynamic agriculture. The recipes included range from simple to complex, take into account a wide range of budgets and are accompanied by impressive photographs. A trip through the incredible opportunities that each of us has with food, this is an excellent option for someone who wants to explore and deepen their relationship with food.

The modern herbal dispensary

If you're intrigued by the wonders and potential of herbs, but are intimidated by the complexities of nature's medicines, look no further, "The Modern Herbal Dispensatory." This book has been praised by both beginners and advanced herbalists for its simplicity and technical breadth. It includes around 250 herbal medicine recipes, all of which you can prepare at home and have been tested by expert herbalists. From harvest to administration, this is the bible to make ointments, lotions, essential oils and more. This well researched guide is beautifully illustrated and is a great resource to have on the shelf for hundreds of remedies.

Hygge's little book: the Danish way of living well

A small comfort book, this charming jewel explains how to create the happiest home atmosphere. When the chaos of the world overwhelms, it is important that we have a safe and restful space to retire. Hygge is difficult to translate, but we have all felt Hygge's atmosphere; It is a combination of the best feelings of home, comfort, hugs with loved ones, sharing good food and sound and the smell of a crackling fire. The Hygge form comes from Denmark, it is said to be the happiest nation in the world, and the authors suggest that it is because it has realized the small and special things that life offers daily. Learn how to take advantage and keep Hygge in your home with this cheerful little guide.

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Sapiens: A brief history of humanity

Incredibly written and incredibly deep, this is a great option for anyone who wants to understand more about humanity. Both the "Sunday Times" and the "best seller" of the New York Times, "Sapiens" offers an amazing perspective on the youth of humanity on a planet earth of 4.5 billion years. The book explores our biology, culture and relationship with agriculture and technology. It also looks at what makes human humans and what differentiates us from our closest relatives. From the Stone Age to the Silicon Age, "Sapiens" addresses some big questions and leaves you with a sense of wonder about existence!

Milk and honey

"Milk and honey" has been praised as a wise and relatable collection of short poems and letters that connects deeply with the reader. Rupi Kaur explores many of life's most harrowing experiences with openness and kindness. With more than 1.5 million copies sold worldwide, this collection has resonated clearly in many and is a great read for the holidays, since it is a relatively short reading but full of heart. "Milk and honey" is perfect for moments of sentimental tranquility and to explore deep emotions.

21 rituals to change your life: daily practices to achieve greater inner peace and happiness

With a focus on ritual, this book is a refreshing version of the self-help genre. Described as inspiring and practically useful, this book is recommended for those who wish to make positive changes in daily thoughts and habits. A Sunday Times sales success, "21 Rituals" asks the reader to consider unconscious daily thoughts and choices that may go against our deepest goals and purposes.

You Do You: (A guide given by No-F ** ks) how to be who you are and use what you have to get what you want

Another innovative twist on self-help books, & # 39; You Do You & # 39; It is a quick guide to improve thinking and negative behaviors and be yourself authentically. From Sarah Knight, author of the popular & # 39; The life-changing magic of not giving a shit ** & # 39; and from the New York Times bestseller "Get Your Sh * t Together", his new book implores readers to stop fighting who they are and to shake the expectations of the world. Essential and easy to remember, this is a perfect choice if you want practical advice to improve the way you see yourself.

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The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on wisdom, perseverance and the art of living: with new translations by Séneca, Epictetus and Marco Aurelio

This book, intended to be read over the course of a year, provides important advice on where to find joy and meaning of the wisdom of the Stoics, Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus, among many others. "The Daily Stoic" offers ideas, exercises and deep thoughts every day to help you tackle problems in new ways well explored by great thinkers throughout history.

In being nice (school of life)

Something in which the world really needs more of us to work and something that benefits both the person who practices and all those around him, kindness! From the School of Life, wonderfully accessible and wise, "On Being Nice" is a fantastic exploration of the importance of the forgotten quality of being kind. The book asks and teaches people to rediscover this beautiful thing that we were reminded to practice daily as children, but which has become increasingly difficult with the pressures of life as adults.

The things you can see only when you slow down: how to be calm in a busy world (2017)

Popular in Korea, author Haemin Sunim is a Zen meditation teacher whose teachings resonate with people of all ages, religions and cultures. This book, an important guide for day-to-day care, offers wise advice on how to handle a variety of stressors in life and navigate the complexities of relationships. If your world feels more chaotic than calm, more challenged than comfortable and in control, this is a great time to reaffirm your approach to life.

Do you find yourself with a piece of writing that changes your life? We would love to hear what you have been reading. Let us know in the comments.


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