How to accelerate the healing of a fractured bone

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It really does not matter which bone you fractured. However insignificant it is, it is very important to heal properly. If this does not happen, later there will be complications that will include limitation of movements and even abilities.

healing fractured bones

The speed with which a bone will heal depends on a large number of factors. Age, nutrition, state of the immune system or the extent of the injury are just some of them. First, an orthopedist should see it. Then, there are also some actions you could take, too. Here are some of them:

Give up smoking – The negative effects that this habit has on health are already known by all. In the case of a bone fracture, it can impede the circulation of blood, reducing the amount of nutrients that could reach the bone and, therefore, slowing down the healing process. Leave alcohol – This element will inhibit the ability of the bone to respond to body signals that are sent after the injury has occurred. These signals will initiate the repair process. If the process of bone formation is hindered, recovery will not take place. Without caffeine – Coffee or any other beverage you drink that contains caffeine should be put on hold while the bone fracture is healing. The reason for this is that caffeine reduces the amount of calcium in the bones, causing this mineral to be excreted through the kidneys. Get as much calcium as you can – Try to eat foods loaded with calcium that will help strengthen your bones and heal the fractured much faster. Eat milk, soy, yogurt, dark green leafy vegetables, canned sardines, orange juice, or calcium fortified cereals whenever you have the chance. You can also think about getting some supplements. Be careful not to overdose on calcium. Otherwise, you may encounter other health problems. Eat foods rich in protein and calories. – Your body may need 6000 calories a day to cure a broken bone. Protein should be the main tower of your diet, since it is necessary to have healthy bones and repair damaged ones. Search herbal remedies – Traditional medicine recommends a series of herbs that can help with the healing of a broken bone. Burdock, horsetail, wild comfrey or arnica can work miracles for your body. Keep active – You have to do the minimum amount of exercise, just for your blood to run. In this way, your injured bone will get the nutrients it needs and the oxygen it seeks. Be careful with the exercises you are doing! They could move your fractured bone! To prevent this from happening, consider talking to an orthopedist, as you will know exactly what type of exercises you should do for your condition. Have a balanced diet – Your diet should contain adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. Make sure you get enough magnesium, phosphorus, copper and silicone. Vitamins A, B6, C, D and K should also be included in your daily diet.

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