How medical cannabis is used to treat bulimia

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Currently, conflicting opinions are at odds in the eating disorders community, since the choice of using medicinal cannabis to treat bulimia and other disorders can change one issue for another. Meanwhile, there is significant evidence that it may be useful, and those dealing with the effects of bulimia are grateful for any possible assistance method to overcome their disorder.

Soothing effects and help control of the bulimic.

It has been found that medicinal cannabis, or marijuana, has a calming effect on issues such as anxiety. When it comes to bulimia, the benefits centered on this calming effect include the ability to see beyond the common rules related to food and control problems thanks to marijuana, and address some of the underlying mental conditions that lead to bulimia, instead of ignoring them.

Unfortunately, however, certain organizations that are meant to help people with eating disorders refuse to recognize the viability of medical cannabis as a treatment. In addition, there are very few states that mention eating disorders as eligible conditions for medicinal marijuana treatment.

Eating disorders have a high relapse rate

People who suffer from these disorders recognize the struggle, the fact that multiple factors are involved in the impulse to control what you eat or the amount of calories you process. These people understand the importance of considering all the factors to help reduce the risk of relapse (which is surprisingly high for people with eating disorders.) Approximately one third of patients with anorexia remain sick and die from this disorder. With 30 million people in the US Treating these conditions each year, at least the opportunity to treat the disease with medical cannabis should be explored.

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It is also important to keep in mind that the extensive list of medications used to treat anorexia has horrible side effects, which can be accentuated by the fact that an eating disorder usually means that an undernourished person is taking these medications. The side effects of medicinal cannabis include hunger, which is a welcome side effect for those who struggle with their daily diet, and a relaxing calm that leads to sleep, which is also usually a pleasant side effect. People with eating disorders often deal with anxiety, as stated above, and also have trouble sleeping.

Cannabis distracts from bulimia

Another potential benefit of medical cannabis for treating bulimia is the fact that it is a distraction. Instead of an intense focus on food, calorie consumption and resulting guilt, the individual can focus on cannabis and on the emotions and feelings provided by that use. Most people who suffer from bulimia are women. They feel a lot of stress in their diet and are ashamed of not having control of their actions: they consume large amounts of food and then resort to purging behavior to get rid of caloric intake. This mental weight can be reduced when medicinal cannabis enters the routine. The periods of bingeing and purging can be replaced by an alternative behavior that produces a calming impact and a guarantee of control over their common thoughts and feelings.

For those who are still on the fence about the benefits of medicinal cannabis for people with bulimia, visit to read more about CBD oil and what it can do for the average individual with a medical condition.

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