How doctors use (or should use) vitamin therapy

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In an important draft environmental document that was leaked a few days ago, Pope Francis calls attention to genetically modified organisms and pesticides used to grow them, and calls them "significant" problems for both the environment and society .

Although it does not call for a total ban, and even claims that it may have been economically useful in some parts of the world, it also says that agricultural workers have been marginalized by the production of genetically modified crops.

He affirms:

"The most fragile become temporary workers and many farm workers migrate to end up in miserable urban settlements.

The spread of these crops (GM) destroys the complex network of ecosystems, decreases the diversity of production and affects the present and future of regional economies.

In several countries there is a tendency in the development of oligopolies in the production of seeds and other products necessary for cultivation, and the dependence deepens when considering the production of sterile seeds, which end up forcing farmers to buy (seeds) to the producers. "

The Pope also asks "Constant attention to consider all the ethical aspects involved". and calls GMOs a complex issue that requires a systematic view of all aspects of the image.

He continues:

"For this purpose, it is necessary to guarantee a scientific and social debate that is responsible and broad, capable of considering all available information and calling things by their names."

The Pope also admits that the biotechnology companies that produce GMOs have no possibility of self-limiting their power, and also calls for environmental toxins, which were created, in large part, by Big Ag's agricultural practices:

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"We get sick, for example, due to the inhalation of large amounts of smoke produced by the fuels used for cooking and heating. This adds to the … fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and toxic pesticides in general. The technology that is linked to finance, says that it is only solving problems … this solves a problem when creating others ".

I think the most important phrase in your statement is this:

"It creates a vicious circle in which the intervention of the human being to solve a problem often makes the situation even worse".


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