How cookies reduce weight loss

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If you have planned to eat cookies and skip meals, to improve the weight loss process, think again. Are you sure it really helps you lose weight? Save the myth; face the facts. We will have a quick overview of the common ingredients of cookies and see what effects they have on the human body. To your surprise, you will learn that chewing cookies does not help you lose weight; Rather, the consumption of cookies results in an increase in calories, the last thing you would want to know. Does it make you weigh your tea and cookies daily?1. Refined flourKnown as "Maida", refined flour is the main ingredient in cookies. Basically it is processed flour with negligible fiber content and minimal nutrients. Refined flour lacks components such as bran and germ that are removed when wheat is processed. It is not as healthy as it seems; It is less satisfying than good carbohydrates like whole wheat flour. As it contains less fiber, the body absorbs processed grains and simple sugars relatively faster, resulting in an increase in blood sugar levels. In fact, the high level of sugar in the blood causes the release of insulin and makes you feel hungry in less than a couple of hours after eating. The fact is that, when eating cookies, you end up gaining unwanted calories.

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