How can hormonal imbalance be treated in patients with PCOD?

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The human body includes innumerable. hormones. Most of these hormones control the internal physical functions of the body when they are in the state of perfect balance. When some infection It affects the equilibrium state of the hormones, the body can not function properly. Sterility It occurs due to hormonal imbalance, as well as due to ovarian disease, Polycystic Ovarian disorder (PCOD). However, there are different ways of treating the hormonal imbalance in patients with PCOD.

Ways to treat hormonal imbalance when a person suffers from PCOD

Although there are several ways to treat hormonal imbalance in patients with PCOD, some of the most common forms include:

Creating some lifestyle changes Medicines Surgery

How can a lifestyle change treat hormonal imbalance?

Keep a healthy weight – Any obese PCOD woman Will be prone to hormonal imbalance. Losing excess weight will allow the woman to reverse the imbalance in its Hormones effectively. Even a 5% weight decrease will show a way to significantly improve your hormonal balance effort. In addition, a healthy weight means maintaining the body mass index between the ranges of 18.5 to 24.9. Following a healthy dietFollowing a healthy and balanced diet will help a PCOD patient greatly maintain their hormonal balance effectively. Foods, which are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, will allow the patient to maintain a healthy weight. These foods will also help keep your hormones at a level of perfect balance. Exercise regularly – It is essential that a patient with PCOD maintain a regular training regimen. This will not only allow you to lose the extra kilos, but also avoid the problem of hormonal imbalance.

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Role of drugs in the treatment of hormonal balance in a patient with PCOD

There are many medications that allow a patient with PCOD to treat hormonal imbalance effectively. However, medicine, Clomiphene It is considered the primary medicine to treat hormonal imbalance in patients with PCOD. It is always recommended to consult a specialist before taking any medication.

What kind of surgery can PCOD treat?

When a female PCOD is unable to treat her hormonal imbalance through changes in lifestyle and medications, then surgery is the only viable solution. An infertile woman can choose the LOD or laparoscopic ovarian perforation surgery to treat the disorder successfully. In case you have any concerns or queries, you can always consult an expert and get answers to your questions.

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