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The average person is lucky if he squeezes two cups of vegetables in his day. We nutritionists would like us to eat about five. Many simply do not enjoy the taste or texture of vegetables at all times (do not even begin the conversation about Brussels sprouts, as I adore them). So, for those who do not crave humble vegetables as much as others, how can we put kindness into their bodies (and especially into the bodies of our children) every day? Simple. Hide them!

Here are our 10 ways to be smart with vegetables:

1. Add the cocoa

Do I need to say more? This definitely needed to be number one on our list! The beet, quinoa and chocolate muffins are the perfect tea for the afternoon tea, while they provide the nutritious goodness of the beet and the quinoa and the super cocoa. The addition of beet to these muffins produced spectacular results. So moist Spinach and sweet potato also work well in baked goods.

2. Frittata

You say frittata, I say add sweet potato! Quinoa frittatas, goat cheese and roasted vegetables hide deliciously grilled vegetables. These practical muffins to take away are an excellent lunch for children, complete with proteins, fats and quality carbohydrates.

3. Put it in a pudding

It is very easy to hide the avocado, as it is relatively tasteless. Increase the healthy fat content of your food with the creamy addition of this superfood. I love making chocolate puddings with avocado, simply adding cocoa and your choice of sweetener. Vegetables for dessert? Of course!

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4. Grate 'em And Bake' em!

How about hash browns for dinner? Sweet potatoes, corn and onions can be hidden there with delicious results. Zucchini fritters are another delicious suggestion. Why not bake some grated vegetables in a tasty loaf of bread?

5. All children like chips

Seriously, find me a child who does not like a good chip. However, the thing with the varieties bought in the store or to take away is the way they are cooked, generally in refined vegetable oils that do not offer us nutrients. Swap regular white potatoes for sweet potatoes and cook them in coconut oil for the most amazing taste.

6. Soft (ie) Operator

When your shake is pink you can not let it go. Your girl will love our shake Pretty in Pink. The leafy green vegetables, avocado and herbs in your garden are also excellent additions to your smoothie. Why not try choc mint or add apple to your next green smoothie?

7. Sneaky sauces

Its standard execution of the tomato sauce Mill is great, it definitely counts as a vegetable! But the more vegetables they add, the better. Why not add pepper, onion or carrot puree to homemade tomato sauce? Be careful with the refined sugar content of the options purchased in the store.

8. Replace staples

Change the regular bread for toast of cauliflower. Pasta dishes are now served with zucchini noodles. Fried rice? No one will know that there is actually broccoli and cauliflower there.

9. & # 39; Ignorance Is Bliss & # 39; Bliss Balls

Grab your blender and throw kindness! Nuts and raw seeds, cocoa, avocado, how about a little fresh mint? Or a handful of spinach? Costume, disguise, disguise (honesty is not the best policy in this case).

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10. Make it fun

Try to eliminate negative association with vegetables and get children involved. Make your dishes look exciting and I bet children (and adults) are more likely to say yes. Try a monster-type green pizza omelette, nobody would know that spinach makes it green.

Our list only has 10 suggestions, but I bet there are many more. Moms also want to hear from you! How do you put vegetables in your day?


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