Homeopathy offers the best treatment for enlarged adenoids!

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The adenoids are a bundle of lymphoid tissue located in the upper airway between the nose and the back of the throat. They are part of the immune system and are only present in children between 7 and 8 years of age. They begin to shrink in size and in late adolescence they are barely visible.

The adenoids help the child fight infections and protect the body from bacteria and viruses. Unlike the tonsils, you may not be able to see the child's adenoids if you look in the mouth. An x-ray (STN, soft tissue neck) or a scan may be required.

The adenoids enlarge when there is a:

Infection by bacteria or viruses. Allergies

Symptoms of hypertrophied or Enlarged adenoids

Breathing mouth Snoring Breathing interrupted for a few seconds during sleep (sleep apnea) Bad breath Congested nose and stuffy nose / nasal obstruction Frequent frequent sinus infections Frequent middle ear infections.

Self-help measures include

Hot salt gargoyles. Steam inhalation


Avoid cold drinks and cold foods. Avoid cold, damp and crowded places.

ENT specialist offers mainly surgery for hypertrophied adenoids. A short course of antibiotics or antiallergics can provide temporary relief.

Homeopathy It offers personalized treatments to cure enlarged adenoids and tonsils and also improves the body's immunity to fight recurring infections. Homeopathy is safe and gentle for children and helps to get rid of permanently enlarged adenoids.

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