Homeopathic remedies for asthma

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Homeopathic remedies for asthma are very effective and can cure asthma permanently. Homeopathic medicines are natural medicines and work by moderating our immune system, which generally becomes more reactive in asthma.

NATRUM SULPH 30 – Natrum Sulph is one of the most important natural homeopathic medicines for the treatment of chronic asthma. This homeopathic remedy is often requested to treat asthma in children. It is very useful when asthma is hereditary. Often, asthma that is aggravated by humid weather and humidity, requires this homeopathic medicine NatrumSulph. Wheezing is a very important symptom for the NatrumSulph homeopathic remedy that should be used ARSENIC ALB. 30- Homeopathic Medicine Arsenic Album is one of the best homeopathic remedies for all forms of asthma. It is beneficial both in the acute phase and in the chronic state. It is often indicated when attacks are frequent during the night (midnight and after), accompanied by great restlessness and fear of suffocation at bedtime. This homeopathic medicine is of deep action and is necessary for those patients who have asthma and are very sensitive to cold, with a personal or family history of tuberculosis.

SAMBUCUS 30 – Sambuccus, is one of the main homeopathic remedies for asthma in children when attacks occur suddenly at night. The afflicted child turns blue, gasps for breath and looks almost dying. Then the little one goes to sleep and wakes up with another attack. Many of these attacks can occur in one night. Another characteristic of this wonderful natural homeopathic medicine is that the skin becomes completely dry and there is a burning sensation when you fall asleep. The patient goes into profuse sweat immediately upon awakening.

KALI BICHROMICUM- 30: homeopathic remedy for asthma when attacks occur after midnight (3 a.m. to 4 a.m.). The relief is obtained by sitting and bending forward, and the expectoration of fibrous mucus. It is indicated for attacks that may return in winter. It is also useful in bronchial asthmatic breathing.

BLATTA ORIENTALIS Q: Blataorientalis is an excellent medication for asthma. Blatta in the acute cases acts better in the lower powers: the mother tinctutre to 3x. But in chronic cases, it works better at higher potencies from 200 to 1000. It is best suited for fat people. Patient gets worse in the rainy weather. Cough with a lot of pus like mucus. When you notice improvement, discontinue the medication.

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CASSIA SOPHERA Q- Rattling in the throat without phlegmatic expulsion. Winter aggravation dyspnea. The complaint is aggravated after exposure to dust, change of climate, cold drinks, light, effort, smoke, tomorrow. Hoarseness of voice and cough with pain in the chest. Asthma is associated with itching.

ANTIMONY CARD.30-Antimony Cake. It is prescribed when asthma occurs with rattle. There is a cough as if the chest is full of loose mucus, but there is little expectoration of mucus. The cough is triggered when eating. There is drowsiness and weakness. It is more suitable for seniors and small children. There is a burning sensation in the chest and, in some cases, there is a sensation of something velvety inside the chest. This burning sensation ascends to the throat. Shortness of breath is relieved by belching. The cough is better lying on the right side.

Grindelia rob. Q- You can not breathe when you are lying down. You must sit down to breathe. An effective remedy against wheezing and oppression. Sparkling mucus very difficult to separate. IPECAC 30- Asthma in children. There is a violent sibilant cough. The chest seems full of phlegm, but it does not come out when coughing. The child becomes stiff and blue in the face. Nausea may or may not be present. Attacks that occur early are also cured with the use of this remedy.

NUX VOMICA 30: Nux vomica is an effective remedy for asthma with gastric affections. Nux Vomica is for difficult breathing associated with a feeling of fullness and heaviness in the stomach, which manifests itself particularly after an important meal. The symptoms get worse after the meal, in the morning, and increase with the cold air. Belching provides relief to asthma symptoms. Sometimes it is also useful in the difficult breathing that arises from the gastric alteration.

ASPIDOSPERMA Q: aspidosperma is considered a tonic for the lungs. This medication eliminates the temporary obstruction of blood oxidation by stimulating the respiratory centers. It is very useful in cardiac asthma. Give a few drops until the feeling of shortness of breath is over.

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CARBO VEG 30-Carbo veg is prescribed when there is a lot of abdominal irritation present with a lot of flatulence. Carbo Veg also corresponds to asthma in the elderly who are very weak and are looking for encouragement. The passage of the wind gives relief.

JUSTICE ADHATODA Q- Constrictive chest pain during asthma. Cough associated with hemoptysis after severe dyspnea. Expectoration is yellowish. Complaints get worse when lying on the left side. Patient may have dry cough with voice hoarseness. Cough is associated with sneezing. The patient can not stand a warm and closed room. There is a fever with asthma. Cold in the afternoon and sweat at night during the fever.

KALI CARB 30- Kali carb is prescribed when asthma occurs from 3 to 5 am. Dry and hard cough with pain in the chest. Expectoration is scanty, tenacious and offensive. The wheezing is best in warm climates.MEDORRHINUM 200-Medorrhinum is prescribed when there is a lot of depressed breathing. Hoarseness. Pain and pain through the chest and breasts. Incessant, dry cough at night. Asthma improves when lying down in the position of the knee elbow.

BOERHAAVIA DIFUSA Q- Asma.Coryza with dry cough and thick, white sputum

LEUCAS ASPERA Q- Asthma, cough and sneezing

OCIMUM SUGGESTION Q- Pain in the chest when coughing during asthma. The patient can not lie in bed during asthma. Pain in the middle of the sternum.

SOLANUM XANTHOCARPUM Q- Asthma associated with hoarseness and chest pain. Fever is again associated with thirst and aversion to food. Burning pain throughout the body.

TYLOPHORA INDICA Q- A specific remedy for bronchial asthma

IPECAC AND ARSENIC ALB 30 – In case the modalities are not clear. Alternate every 2 hours

BLATTA ORIENTALIS Q AND GRIENDELIA Q- In difficult cases. Alternate every 30 minutes

KALI PHOS 3X AND MAGNESIA PHOS 3X- Spasmodic asthma without mucus. Alternate Kali Phos and Magnesia phosevery 30 minutes.

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