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What is enuresis?

It can be an embarrassing experience for children to wake up in bed feeling wet from urination. It can also be very painful for parents to see their children go through this experience. The experience of wetting the bed is a common condition that is not only physiological but also has a psychological impact.

Enuresis or enuresis It is a condition where children over the age of five urinate involuntarily at night. This condition is not accompanied by any disease and affects between 15% and 20% of children, between 2% and 3% of adolescents, while between 0.5% and 2% of adults They also suffer from this condition.

Bedwetting usually occurs during the night during sleep. In general, children with nocturnal enuresis (nocturnal by night) do not have enuresis during the day. However, it is estimated that almost 10% of children may have symptoms of wetting during the day in addition to nocturnal enuresis.

Causes of enuresis

Children, who tend to wet the bed, rarely notice involuntary urination. This happens due to several factors. Some of them are:

Inability to wake up from sleep Overactive bladder Late bladder control Constipation Consumption of caffeinated beverages such as coffee or tea Psychological problems Genetic factors Nasal obstruction, sleep apnea Incontinence without control over defecation or urination

Home remedies to wet the bed

Behavioral remedies and educational strategies should be tried before resorting to any medication. There may also be a role for complementary therapy to prevent enuresis.

The following are some of the home remedies for enuresis:

Behavior remedies

There are preventive measures that can be taken to restrict the habit of enuresis. Some of the measures include:

Rewards program: this is one of the initial measures adopted during the training of young children for bedwetting. Children are rewarded when they have a dry night, which makes them feel encouraged to continue this positive progress. However, the drawback is that children may feel disappointed and discouraged if they return and have a wet night that makes them lose their reward.

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Urinate twice before going to bed: The child is asked to urinate before getting ready to go to bed. Once the child is in bed, the child must urinate again before going to sleep.

Reduce the consumption of liquids at night (deprivation): The child is recommended to drink plenty of fluids during the day. However, the consumption of liquids is restricted at night. This allows the child to empty the bladder before going to bed.

Urinate twice before going to bed
Improve the capacity of the bladder: the reduction of bladder capacity can make the bladder unable to hold urine at night, which leads to wetting the bed. Increasing the capacity of the bladder can help the child overcome the possibility of wetting the bed. During the day, the child is made to hold the urine a little more to increase the capacity of the bladder.

Reduce the consumption of liquids at night to avoid wetting the bed
Using a night lamp: Children can be encouraged to use the bathroom at night by keeping a night lamp on. This can help dispel the fear of the dark that prevents children from accessing the bathroom.

Urine scheduled: following a schedule, the child should wake up at night to urinate. This helps to create a body clock for the child to enter a routine to urinate and avoid urinating in bed. This can also help older children, teens and adults wake up and urinate. Some parents use a keyword with the child while waking them to make sure they are awake when they urinate.

Alarms: Children are made to sleep on mattress cushions or rugs that have programmed electrical alarms to detect the urine that falls on them. There are also alarms that are attached to the body with sensors in the underwear. Alarms are light devices or alarms with vibrations or sounds.

Overtraining: Individuals begin to drink excess liquids to fill the bladder before bedtime and use the alarm to understand the need to empty the bladder. The alarm training is done for two weeks so that the body recognizes the change in bladder retention.

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Take the child: the parents try to make the child urinate and empty the bladder while he sleeps, thus avoiding the consequences of wetting the bed. This procedure is known as "Survey".

Behavioral and educational strategies in the management of enuresis.

Dry bed training: in this training, in one night, children are awakened every hour during the night to urinate. In the case of an accident, 45 minutes are spent cleaning (cleaning practice) and positive training is implemented, where the child goes almost nine times to urinate. Subsequent days involve waking the child only once or twice during the night.

Full-house training: this involves a combination of alarm, hyperactive training, cleansing practice and dry-bed training.

Diet, psychotherapy and complementary or alternative therapies to wet the bed.

Diet: Avoid drinks that contain caffeine. Caffeinated beverages cause a greater chance of bedwetting, as they work as stimulants. More research data are needed to understand the effect of some foods on bladder retention. Constipation can also be an underlying cause of enuresis and the use of stool softeners is recommended.

Caffeine acts as a stimulant and worsens enuresis
Psychotherapy: children who have psychological problems are subjected to psychotherapy. The therapist tries to understand the emotional disturbance that causes the child to wet the bed persistently. Steps are taken to modify the factors that can cause this emotional upheaval.

Homeopathy: Children can be treated with homeopathy to relieve the symptoms of enuresis, but clinical research should verify the effectiveness of this therapy. Homeopathic medicines act by controlling the bladder musculature, controlling the function and control of the bladder. This eliminates involuntary urination and reduces anxiety in a child. Homeopathic medicines are an attractive alternative because they are sweet, natural and safe to give to children.

Acupuncture and chiropractic are other forms of therapy that can be used to treat enuresis. However, the effectiveness of such therapies should be verified with more research trials.

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Source: https://www.medindia.net/homeremedies/bedwetting.asp by Dr. Smitha S. Dutt

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