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What is thorny heat?

The increase in temperature causes a series of skin-related conditions that can be quite annoying. One of these conditions, quite common, is thorny heat, also known as heat rash or sweat eruption.

Clinically known as miliaria, sweat rashes can appear anywhere on your body. While it is most often seen as a sweat rash in the armpits, it can also manifest around the groin, feet, back, back of the neck, hands, chest, and abdomen. In some severe cases of prickly heat, a person may also see rashes on the face and neck. This condition affects adults and babies alike.

Common causes for thorny heat

The most common cause of a heat rash is the hot, humid climate that leads to excessive sweating and blocked the eccrine sweat glands (main sweat glands in the human body). Once blocked, the sweat of these glands seeps into a person's skin and leads to a sweat rash. Other causes include undeveloped sweat glands, a common cause of this type of rash in babies, and overweight.

While prickly heat usually resolves on its own, one of the best ways to relieve your symptoms is to cool your body, either by staying in a cold room, taking a refreshing shower or applying an ointment on the affected area.

The 7 best home remedies for thorny heat

Being that a summer eruption It is quite common, there are several ways to help treat the symptoms of prickly heat. But although these methods may be easier, they may not be as useful in alleviating the symptoms of the disease quickly. So, to help you, here are some impetuous home remedies for effective relief:

Multani Mitti and rose water: also known as Fuller's Land, multani mitti has been used as a common home remedy for several skin-related diseases. This is because Fuller's soil has many properties that not only alleviate but also disinfect the skin. Apart from that, it also helps to cool the area and helps to unclog the pores, relieving the symptoms of thorny heat. Take two to three tablespoons of mitti multani and add a little rose water to make a paste. Apply this on the affected area and let it dry. Once dry, you can wash it with a little cold water. Using this remedy twice or three times a day can help reduce the severity if you have a heat rash. Sandal Wood Powder and Rose Water: This mixture is extremely soothing to the skin and is an excellent treatment for the eruption of sweat. Both sandalwood and rose water have soothing properties that help alleviate the burning and itching sensation of prickly heat. Apart from that, the antibacterial properties of sandalwood prevent infection in the area. All you need to do is take a spoon full of sandalwood powder and mix it with some rose water to make a paste. Apply this paste on the affected area and let it dry. Once dry, wash the pasta with cold water. The use of this remedy once a day for a week can help to cure the thorny heat naturally.

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Sandal wood powder and rose water for heat rash Oats: another great remedy for prickly heat, oats have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the discomfort associated with a sweat rash. Apart from that, it also has soothing properties that reduce the sensation of Itch and irritation associated with a heat rash.

To use this remedy, add a cup of finely ground oatmeal to a tub of cold water. Stir the water well until it turns milky white. Soak in the bathtub for about 20 to 30 minutes and then dry with a soft cloth or towel. Doing this once or twice a day is extremely effective in relieving the symptoms of a heat rash.

Baking soda: a great exfoliating agent, baking soda helps to unclog your pores, which in turn reduces inflammation, itching and irritation. It can also be used as a powder to help absorb excess sweat and reduce irritation caused by a sweat rash.

To use this remedy, add a tablespoon of baking soda to a cup of cold water. Now, dip a piece of cloth in the solution and wring out the excess water. Place the fabric in the affected area for about ten minutes for relief. Doing this four to five times a day can bring great relief.

Cold compress: Applying an ice pack or cold pack to the affected area helps provide immediate relief and prevents the rash from spreading to other parts of your body. The cold compress also helps to relieve itching, reduces inflammation and decreases the feeling in the skin, reducing the feeling of pricking. All you have to do is wrap some ice cubes in a soft cloth and apply it gently in the area. Alternatively, you can also dip a cloth in a little cold water and place it on your skin for immediate relief. Be sure not to keep the cold cloth or ice in contact with your skin for more than 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Use this remedy twice a day for effective relief.

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Cold compress prevents the eruption of sweat Cornstarch: This remedy works in the same way as baking soda. Not only does it help unclog pores and relieve the symptoms of prickly heat, it also helps soothe irritated and inflamed skin, preventing further spread of prickly heat. To use this remedy, take two tablespoons of cornstarch and add a little water to make a paste. Now apply this paste on the affected area and let it dry. Once it is dry, sprinkle some cold water on dry cornstarch and wash the package. Potato: a slice of chilled potato, it is also a great remedy for a heat rash. The potato has soothing properties for the skin and helps relieve inflammation caused by a heat rash. Chilled potato slices help cool the skin and prevent the rash from spreading further. To use this remedy, take a slice of cold potato and rub it over the affected area. Doing this two or three times a day can help reduce the symptoms of prickly heat to a great extent.

Slices Of Potato Relieves Thorny Sensation

Heat rash in babies

Babies or babies are especially prone to a heat rash or sweat, since their sweat glands and their ducts are not fully developed, which makes it extremely easy for them to become clogged, which leads to a prickly heat. While you can use the same home remedies to get rid of a rash by sweating in babies, it is always best to consult your pediatrician to know the best course of action.

Here is how you can prevent the appearance of thorny heat:

Wear loose, comfortable clothing that does not rub against your skin. Avoid the use of creams and lotions based on cream or oil, as they can clog the pores and produce a prickly heat. As much as possible, try to avoid exposure to heat and moisture. Take a bath every day and, if possible, twice a day. If you are prone to the condition, be sure to use a medicated powder to prevent its occurrence. Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

Source: https://www.medindia.net/homeremedies/prickly-heat.asp by Pavitra Sampath

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