Home remedies for urinary tract infections (UTI)

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Get rid of the UTI naturally at home

Urinary tract infection, also known as UTI, is quite common among women these days. It could be caused due to many reasons and it would be affecting one of us from time to time. The key symptoms of UI are frequent urination, urgency to urinate and frequent visits to the bathroom to urinate, a discharge of unpleasant odor, some symptoms of fever, cramping in the lower abdomen, a slight weakness. Here are some steps you could take instead of taking antibiotics each time to avoid and cure the UTI.

Drink a lot of water

When you suffer from ITU, water is your best friend. It helps fill the bladder quickly and helps eliminate the UI that causes bacteria to leave your body. It also gives you the opportunity to clean your pubic area. Doctors recommend that you should drink one glass of water for every ten kg of weight when you have a UTI or otherwise. It helps keep the pubic area fresh and free of bacteria. Taking your daily diet in water will help you stay comfortable while suffering from a urinary tract infection until it is thoroughly treated.

Do not stop urinating when you are suffering from a urinary infection, as it gives the bacteria the opportunity to develop and affect more. You must urinate at every opportunity to keep your bladder clean and free of urine storage. This is a vital process to cure you as quickly as possible. This is also one of the reasons why you should drink a lot of water.

Ginger to get rid of the ITU

Ginger is the food of God that has a substance called gingerol that has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties that help fight many types of bacteria and fungi. You can take ginger powder with a little warm water to heal internally. Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties help to heal your body against bacteria and fungi. Both could be the cause of the ITU. Ginger can cure your UTI very efficiently without side effects. Not only does it cure UI, but it also helps lessen the pain and irritation caused by UI while it is still there.

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Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is very effective in preventing the UTI from happening again and again. It works with the bacteria that causes the UI to dislodge the patient's body, preventing them from growing even more to return the UI again. To get a full effect, one needs to drink a decent amount of cranberry juice without flavor or salt. Drink three glasses in a day to completely get rid of the bacteria that cause UTI. Many people complain that they suffer from stomach pain when they drink so much cranberry juice. The best way to drink this juice is to eat something while drinking this juice. This will help reduce the hardness of the pure juice to affect the lining of the stomach, which creates stomach pain.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps stimulate the immune system to fight against many types of bacteria. It also makes your urine more acidic, which hinders the bacteria that cause UTI. Bacteria that cause UTI often adhere to the lining of the urinary tract and, otherwise, are difficult to remove. Hence the UTI returns again and again. Having a diet rich in vitamin C helps get rid of these bacteria and helps treat the UTI permanently. You can also make vitamin C as part of your diet to prevent urinary tract infections. This often helps women who have recurrent UTIs over and over again.

Stay clean and hydrated

Staying clean and hydrated is imperative for women who suffer from UTI. It should be cleaned in front and behind every time you visit the bathroom. A great need to urinate can leave you relieved after going to the bathroom, but it is very necessary that you wash well with water to eliminate any trace of bacteria. Clean to avoid leaving the wet and moist pubic area to give an area for bacteria to grow. You should continue to drink a lot of water to keep your bladder clean, and then you can also use the proper soaps to balance the pH to clean the pubic area. Keeping it clean is the key to preventing the reconstruction of the infection.

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Clove oil

In case you want to avoid antibiotics, you can take two tablets of clove oil a day to heal internally. It has antimicrobial properties and, therefore, fights all kinds of bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause UTI. Clove oil has multiple health benefits and helps relieve urinary tract infections very effectively and earlier than would be possible. You can take one pill in the morning and another at night with other measures to cure yourself.

Hygienic habits and cotton clothes

Keep the toilet area clean and clean thoroughly after having sex each time it will keep you from contracting a UTI. The use of cotton underpants that are skin friendly is also key to staying away from urinary tract infections. Avoid the use of other undergarments under any circumstances. Washing with white vinegar once a week also helps keep the pubic area healthy by controlling the growth of bacteria. This also maintains the pH balance in the normal state. On other days, you should change your underwear daily and take a cleaning bath every day. Wipe with a dry cloth in front and behind every time you visit the bathroom. The moisture that remains in the underwear with the heat of the body provides the right temperature for the bacteria to grow and flourish.

It is recommended to wear underwear that allows the flow of free air to breathe their private parts. Avoid wearing underwear made of nylon or adhesive material on a daily basis, as they adhere to your body. When they crawl against your body, it can cause rashes and other infections. We recommend the use of soft and soft cotton panties for all people, whether they suffer from UTI or not. You can use thermal pads to relieve abdominal pain while you are affected by a UTI. In addition, a certain amount of sodium bicarbonate can be taken to be cleaned internally.

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