Home remedies for the pink eye

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What is the pink eye?

The pink eye is an inflammatory condition that affects the conjunctiva, which is a thin membrane that surrounds the white of the eyes. This thin membrane helps keep the eyes moist and lubricated by producing mucus and tears, and also helps protect against any microbes that would otherwise enter the eye. The conjunctiva can sometimes suffer inflammation and irritation due to bacterial or viral infections or also as a result of an allergic reaction. This condition of the inflamed conjunctiva is called conjunctivitis but commonly it is known as pink eye due to the most distinctive characteristic of the condition: a reddening of the eyes. Actually, it is not the eyes that turn red, but the inflammation of the blood vessels in the membrane which makes them more pronounced and visible.

The condition can cause considerable discomfort and irritation, but it is rarely threatening and, in general, will not have any effect on vision. In case of bacterial infections, antibiotics It can be prescribed, but when it comes to pink eye caused by a viral infection or an allergic reaction, the treatment simply aims to provide relief from the symptoms and the disease itself resolves naturally as the infection progresses or a Once the allergen is eliminated. If it is caused by an infection, it can be highly contagious and steps should be taken to limit its spread.

Home remedies for the pink eye

The remedies for pink eyes are very popular because the treatment is mainly aimed at providing relief. If an infection should follow its course and the treatment is directed only at the symptoms, there is little difference in the result, whether natural remedies for conjunctivitis or conventional treatments are used. Home remedies of conjunctivitis are widely used because they are cheaper and softer. Some of the most commonly used pink eye home remedies and tips for treating pink eye include:

Compresses: you can use warm or cold compresses to relieve the symptoms of conjunctivitis. You can try using both types of compresses to see which one is most effective for you, but as a general rule, warm compresses work best for the infectious pink eye caused by bacterial or viral infections, while cold compresses work best for allergic conjunctivitis. The use of compresses should help reduce inflammation and redness of the eye. Keep in mind that the pink eye is highly contagious and can spread easily from one eye to another, so avoid using the same compress for both eyes. Hygiene: the pink eye causes a considerable tear and secretion, so it is necessary to clean it frequently. When cleaning your eyes, be sure to wipe them out. It means you should use wipes from the nose to the outside of the eye. As with compresses, avoid using the same wipe for both eyes and also avoid reusing wipes. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning each eye, as the infection can spread from one eye to another.

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Clean your eyes Breast milk: pink eyes in young children are not uncommon and most mothers claim that breast milk works wonders for newborn eye infections. Studies that have investigated the effects of breast milk They have pointed out the role of immunoglobulin A, an antibody in breast milk and colostrum to control not only eye infections, but also cancer. This beneficial effect is attributed to the presence of numerous leukocytes and several types of immunoglobulins, especially in colostrum, which is basically the first milk produced at the end of pregnancy. Researchers are investigating these health benefits and also point out that the use of colostrum is also free of side effects compared to antibiotic treatment. Honey: This is probably one of the best natural remedies for the pink eye. Numerous studies have supported the healing properties of honey and researchers have found that it contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it the perfect remedy for burns and open wounds. In fact, honey was used as a traditional remedy to treat wounds since ancient times. The use of honey as a topical application was also found to reduce bacterial activity around the eyes. Some studies have also found that honey can be a viable alternative to antibiotics eye drops It is used to treat bacterial conjunctivitis due to the strong antibacterial activity demonstrated by honey. The researchers discovered that it not only reduces inflammation, redness and secretion, but also reduces recovery time.

Honey for the pink eye Potato husks: potatoes are among the most used of all vegetables or roots, to be more precise, in kitchens around the world and the shell is almost always discarded. However, potato rinds can be very useful if you do not have pink eye, as they could offer considerable relief of symptoms. While they will not help cure the disease, they can help reduce inflammation. Studies have been conducted on the antioxidant properties of potato rinds and some studies have even supported its use as a dressing for burn injuries. Calendula: According to some professionals in natural medicine, the application of calendula ointments in the eyes should help relieve the inflammation and redness associated with conjunctivitis. This may be true since research on the effectiveness of calendula as a medical aid has been encouraging and initial research has shown that the application of calendula ointment can actually help reduce radiation. dermatitis during cancer therapy. Tea bags: Although the excessive consumption of tea has some harmful effects, the tea leaves offer a series of health benefits and have occupied an important place in traditional Chinese medicine. To treat conjunctivitis, you can simply rinse your eyes with a weak or weak tea and you can also use the tea bags as a compress after soaking them in water. Today, many of these benefits are attributed to the tea's polyphenol and tannin components that exhibit antimicrobial properties and inhibit the growth of various types of fungi, bacteria and viruses.

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Tea bags for Pink Eye Boric acid: According to some patients, boric acid helps treat conjunctivitis and affirms its success with self-treatment. Apparently, when diluted with water, it results in a large eye wash due to its known antibacterial properties. However, there is not much evidence to support this remedy and caution is recommended since dosing requirements and management methods can have a significant effect on the outcome. Golden seal: the golden seal is widely used in the treatment of various health conditions and is attributed anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and astringent properties. Natural health enthusiasts claim that warm water solutions containing goldenseal can treat conjunctivitis, but there is little evidence to support any of the supposed health benefits of the goldenseal. Rose water: rose water occupies a central place in Indian culture and is found in most homes in the subcontinent. According to traditional Ayurvedic texts, the solution contains anti-infective and anti-inflammatory properties. While these claims have not yet been verified, soaking a cotton swab in cold rose water and keeping it on the eyelids provides significant symptom relief.

Rose water for the pink eye

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