Home remedies for low immunity that give amazing results

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Low immunity is a condition in which the body's immune system weakens. There are certain factors that can cause low immunity, such as cancer, HIV / AIDS, nutrient deficiency, low stomach acid, transplant surgery, inflammatory bowel disease, use of anti-rejection medications, and low white blood cell count. Some of the common symptoms of low immunity are cancer, chronic infections, frequent flu, frequent cold sores and swollen lymph nodes. There are several home remedies for low immunity that are easy to use and very safe to try at home without any risk of side effects. Some of the popular home remedies for low immunity that have been used for a long time and that have proven to be quite effective in many cases are: 1. Garlic is considered one of the most effective home remedies for low immunity. You can add it to your food or you can consume a couple of raw garlic cloves daily. 2. A healthy diet is very important for the body's immune system. Eat oats, brown rice, nuts, yogurt, broccoli, milk and carrots on a regular basis to develop your immune system. This is one of the most efficient home remedies for immune problems. 3. The juice of red beet root is considered one of the most efficient home remedies for low immunity. All you have to do is take a full glass of red beet root juice and then add a teaspoon of honey with a few drops of lemon juice. The consumption of this mixture on a daily basis will prove to be very beneficial in the treatment of immunity problems. 4. Put some peeled carrots, ginger, currant, indian, beet and a pinch of rock salt in a blender. Mix them all together to form a juice. Drinking this juice daily will be very useful to treat low immunity. 5. Vitamin C is very useful to promote the production of white blood cells and increase the immunity of the body. Some of the common food sources rich in vitamin C are potatoes, currants, papaya, tomatoes, lemon and strawberries. 6. You should also add zinc-rich foods in your diet. Some of the common food sources that are rich in zinc are milk, pork, poultry, oysters, yogurt and fortified cereals. 7. Exercise regularly to strengthen your body's immune system. You can do aerobics or take a morning walk for half an hour. You can even try doing yoga or deep breathing exercises. 8. Virgin coconut oil is also very beneficial for the body's immune system. All you have to do is consume virgin coconut oil (three to four tablespoons) every day. 9. Green tea is very popular in East Asia. It is very useful to increase the immunity of the body. Only drink green tea daily for better results. 10. Cranberries can be very beneficial for the body's immune system. They are very useful in the fight against cancer and heart disease. Drinking cranberry juice every day will increase your body's immunity. These were some of the best home remedies for low immunity that are simple, cost effective and safe. Post Author – John Naruka

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