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What is an earache?

Earache It is the result of an infection in the ear area. Half of the ear is usually filled with air. But during a Cold, fluid or mucus builds up in the middle ear and can become infected with bacteria, which causes ear pain. Even infections that affect the nerves of the ear can cause ear pain. Longer exposure to loud sound can cause a buzzing or whistling in the ear, which leads to a temporary threshold change, which you are likely to notice as a dullness in hearing, usually reversible in one or two days. There are many reasons for ear pain to occur, and all symptoms require immediate medical attention.

Common causes of earache

Blockage in the ear tube (eustachian tube)

Tooth infection like abscessed teeth

Objects stuck in the ear.

Damage to the eardrum




Ear injury



Home remedies for earache

Tip 1:

Grind a few Basil leaves and extract some juice. Apply 2 drops inside the ear.

Home remedies for earache: basil leaves

Tip 2:

Boil 3-4 teeth of Garlic in a little water Mash and add a pinch of salt. Wrap this poultice in a flannel or wool cloth and place it over the painful ear.

Home remedies for earache: garlic

Tip 3:

Drip 2 or 3 drops of warm water. mustard oil in the infected ear and let it stay there.

Tip 4:

Soak a clean hot towel Water and compress near the infected ear for about 20 minutes. This reduces pain and discomfort quickly.

Tip 5:

Place a bowl of boiling water and add several drops of eucalyptus oil and a teaspoon of Vicks. Use a towel to cover your head and inhale the steam through your nose several times until the pain goes away. This will relieve pressure and help drain ear fluids.

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Home remedies for earache: Steam

Tip 6:

Extract the juice onions Dip a cotton ball or cloth in the juice and press it against your ear. Reduces the inflamed lining and eliminates the microbial activity it causes. Itch, redness and pain.

Tip 7:

Include foods in your diet who are rich in vitamin C like lemons, Oranges, guavas, strawberries and papayas to reduce ear pain.

Tip 8:

Take a mixture of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol and apply in the ear with a dropper. Use cotton to cover the ear and leave it for an hour. Keep repeating this method until it heals.

Home remedies for earache: white vinegar

Tip 9:

Extract the juice ginger and apply a few drops on the ear. This will relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Home remedies for earache: ginger juice

Tip 10:

Heat 4 or 5 tablespoons of salt in a saucepan and stir until it turns a little brown. Place the hot salt in a clean cloth and wrap it properly. Press the cloth towards the affected ear for 2 to 5 minutes a day, whenever necessary, until the inflammation and pain disappear.

Source: https://www.medindia.net/homeremedies/earache.asp by Lari Warjri

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