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The virtues of silver have been known since antiquity. Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks knew their healing powers. For 4,000 years, Chinese healers used silver needles, when they did acupuncture.

French sailors transport their water in silver containers that keep it fresh on its long journey through seas and oceans. Even today, priests share holy water with silver spoons. And they keep it in silver water containers.

In the Middle Ages, aristocrats do not get sick, while epidemics made thousands of victims among the poor. The explanation would be that they were allowed to use the properties of the silverware and eat and drink from the silver containers, which offered protection and immunity to the diseases of that time.

In 1934, with the discovery of penicillin, silver remained something in the dark, scientists remember it again when they discovered that certain germs and viruses are resistant to synthetic antibiotics, while the same does not happen with water maintained in silver .

Following the research done by Dr. Henry Margraff, we found that silver has the ability to kill more than 650 types of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

As a natural antibiotic with no side effects, silver fights dysentery of the bacillus, salmonella, Escherichia coli, streptococcal pneumonia, streptococcus that causes tooth decay and other organisms that damage the body.

The role of silver in the body's immune system was compared to a replacement and this is because studies have shown that silver therapy has a tremendous effect in the fight against free radicals that attack healthy cells in the body. body.

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Water stored in silver containers has a very effective antibiotic property. Silver Water can be prepared in a very simple way, in the house, keeping the drinking water in silver containers, or we can place a silver jeweler or a coin in a glass of water.

Usually at night, fill a bottle or jar with water and put the silver object inside. After 8 to 10 hours, water is obtained to pour another bowl, very carefully so that the residuals of purified water remain in the bottom of the first container.

Rinse well and prepare a new portion of water. There is no danger of silver accumulating in the tissues because the surplus is easily eliminated. Your body needs 0.088 mg of silver per day, which can be purchased in both silver water and seafood, eggs, cow's milk and goat's milk.


– Natural treatment does not equal a visit to the doctor.

– Natural treatment has no side effects or addictive actions.

– The effects of herbal treatment should not be immediate.

– A product – apple, garlic, potatoes, etc., which went through a manufacturing process, is not natural because it does not have the same properties and effects as when it is collected from the garden.

– If you do not believe in natural products and their beneficial effects on the human body, it is futile to look for natural treatments. The confidence that natural treatments can help will mean a 50% cure.

Home Pharmacy – Silver Water, source of the article: https://www.brighthealing.com/home-pharmacy-silver-water/

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