Herpes – Causes and Remedies

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Herpes is usually caused by herpes simplex virus type I. A painful, fluid-filled blister may appear on the lips or may have painful sores in the mouth and pharynx. If you ever suffered herpes, it is very likely to arise again. The itchy heat heralds the appearance of sores around the mouth, usually after a day.

The gallbladder fills with fluid and forms a crust and breaks in about a week without any treatment. Herpes can occur in the genital area, which is particularly dangerous because it can go from one partner to another, without knowing it. Once you have learned to recognize the signs of herpes appearance, here are some remedies to combat it.

Remedies for herpes

– Ice is applied directly to herpes, reduces inflammation and relieves pain. Use ice at the first signs to make the herpes much smaller and therefore it will heal faster.
– Aspirin reduces pain and, according to some studies, reduces the duration of infection that remains active in herpes, up to 50%.
– The lemon balm ointment contains substances that have been shown to be herpes inhibitors. It can be prepared at home as in the recipe below or purchased.

Balsam ointment

Dry flowers of lemon balm in the small mill or an electric coffee grinder. Place four tablespoons chopped lemon balm in a pot and pour over hot butter, then mix well until the mixture cools, then let it sit for 7 to 8 hours. Then put the bowl with the mixture on low heat and wait to recover liquid, after which everything is filtered through a gauze, you will get an ointment that you should store in the refrigerator.

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– Tea, rosemary, oak root, chamomile, banana. Drink three cups each day of infusion of one or more combined plants.
– Incense, tincture of myrrh directly attacks the virus that causes herpes. Apply tincture of myrrh on herpes with a cotton swab, many times a day.
– Eat yogurt that contains live Acidophilus, studies show that Acidophilus bacteria inhibits the growth of the herpes virus.
– Echinacea: take a capsule of 300 mg of echinacea per day to strengthen your immune system and fight the virus.
– It is good to have antiviral acyclovir in your medicine cabinet and when it appears the herpes, apply it at least five times a day.

Warning! The greatest risk is not only an unpleasant and benign infection, it is also extremely contagious. The period of infection begins from the moment the first signs of rash appear (burning sensation or itching in the lip) and lasts until the blisters have already formed in the cortex. This is because the fluid inside the vesicles contains high levels of virus. The person who shows an outbreak of herpes can easily transmit the virus to those around him, for example, by touching him, squeezing him with his hand or kissing him. In addition, the patient must avoid injuries to get to infect other parts of the body, mouth, eyes and genitals.

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