Here is why you should pour a bottle of beer in your next bathroom

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Here's why you should pour a bottle of beer in your next bathroom

There has never been more talk about the health benefits of beer, which is great news for beer lovers who enjoy nothing better than this refreshing drink after a long day, on a summer afternoon, in a ball game and almost anywhere else. Apart from behind the wheel, of course.

According to scientists, it is the flowers in the hop plants we have to thank Hops are used in beer recipes to balance the flavor by adding bitter notes to the sweet and malty taste of beer, and apparently also contain a nutritional boost. When moderately consumed, some studies have shown that it is actually good for muscles and bones, reduces the risk of heart disease and is rich in B vitamins and fiber.

But beer can not only be consumed to enjoy its benefits, but it can also be used aesthetically. And, as more and more people hear about this through the grapevine, you probably wondered if you should bathe in it too.

Bathing in beer goes back to antiquity …

Although you might think it's just a novelty, the history of soaking in beer actually goes back to ancient times, with beer baths enjoyed more than 2,000 years ago.

It was said that ancient Egyptian and Roman women used it regularly as part of their beauty routine to help keep their skin soft and silky and to enjoy a more even skin tone. Perhaps inspired by this ancient wisdom, even today some cosmetics companies are adding brewer's yeast to their products, claiming that it helps the skin maintain a healthy pH balance and fight acne.

Beer spas have been appearing all over Europe, and more recently, also in the United States …

Taking this trend a step further, beer spas have been gaining popularity. They started in Europe, in countries like the Czech Republic, Germany and Australia, many of which are in breweries. They offer a menu of treatments inspired by beer, such as healing baths, facials, wraps and massages, such as the Beer Spa in Prague, which allows guests to take a bath in a bath filled with all-natural ingredients used to brew beer. Including barley, hops and yeast, all were kept at a constant temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit and continuously bubble to "promote the dissolution of the ingredients", releasing vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins, according to the business. In addition, during a session at the bar and in the 30-minute bathroom, spa attendees can see most of the offers made at the company's home that they can consume from a tap next to the bathtub, before the end of the session with a 20-minute massage, or by resting in a warm bed.

America also has beer spas now, in fact, the first one opened in early 2016 in Sisters, Oregon. Hop in the Spa is similar to the European model, which offers baths in pure beer with Tap on the walls to drink while soaking. Visitors start with a pint of beer before enjoying a 25-minute craft beer treatment, or perhaps the "hops on the body" treatment in which they are wrapped in a sheet soaked in grass and hops. There are also all kinds of other options, such as "beer ale soaking" and "body polishing to renew and brew beer", which is said to give the skin a magnificent shine.

It is also known that hops help to calm the nerves and hydrate the skin, so a beer spa is especially recommended for those who suffer from dry skin or other skin conditions, as well as for those who fight against anxiety or insomnia.

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But does it really work? Should you bathe in a beer tub?

Until now, not much scientific research has been done on the effects of bathing in beer, although those who have done so have reported not only feelings of "pleasant relaxation", but of a softer and clearer skin.

However, there are some health benefits, whether you are drinking or bathing, that have been confirmed in scientific studies. For example, researchers at the University of Idaho presented findings in the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in January 2016, which showed a key ingredient in beer, can be used in the fight against cancer and inflammatory diseases.

The acids called humulons and lupulones, which are found in hops, have the ability to stop bacterial growth and disease, and experts say they hope to find a way to extract these compounds or synthesize them in a laboratory to develop active agents for products. Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer. Other studies have shown that beer can reduce the chances of kidney stones, reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks and reduce the possibility of developing brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

What believers say

Considering all this, it does not seem very difficult to say that beer can benefit the skin. Dr. Roman Vokaty even teamed up with the beer spa of the Czech Republic at the Chodovar brewery, as he says he believes beer baths "have curative effects on the skin and hair, relieve muscle tension, warm up the joints and support (the) immune system ".

Other believers have noticed that each and every ingredient in a beer bath has a purpose, underlining why so many people who try it come back again and again. The warm and soothing water helps to open pores, extract toxins and stimulate the circulatory system. Hops help exfoliate the skin by removing the dead top layer. It is also considered that the yeast in beer is quite curative, since it contains saccharides and B vitamins that are believed to help improve skin elasticity and acne by decreasing sebum production and eradicating the bacteria that cause zit. Bubbling carbonated water helps even more by infusing the mineral bath and inviting the soakers to slide into deep relaxation, and, just for that, we think it's worth it.

Using beer for its embellishing benefits at home:

If you do not live near a beer spa, you can take advantage of their benefits at home.

Make a beer bubble bath.

While you may not want to simply soak in a beer tub, this homemade beer bath recipe is excellent for leveraging its beneficial properties. All you need is a soap based on olive oil or Castile soap and a little beer. Add it under the tub water while it is running, and simply adjust the level of ingredients to your particular preference.

Rinse your hair with it.

Rinsing your hair with beer helps give it more shine and body. In fact, it was the first lady, Jackie Kennedy, who introduced this idea into the mainstream in the 1960s. You can also use it by adding it to your favorite shampoo for extra volume and shine at the fraction of the price of a salon treatment. All you need to do is mix a mug of beer in a half cup of shampoo. As your hair dries, the smell of beer will fade.

Soothe tired feet with a beer foot bath.

To soothe tired feet, combine a cup of whole milk, 2 tablespoons raw honey and a bottle of beer in 6 cups of hot water in a large tub. Soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes and then gently pat dry with a towel. They will be soft and energized later!

Reference:, by Susan Patterson

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