Heartburn during pregnancy: causes and treatments

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One of the many unwanted symptoms of carrying a child is acidity During pregnancy. On top of the stress of having a child, fluctuating hormones and weight, and the imminent change of life of having a child, it is also necessary to manage the pain and discomfort of heartburn. For women suffering from this common condition, it is important to understand some of the causes, symptoms, risk factors and means to treat and prevent this problem.

What is heartburn during pregnancy?

Heartburn during pregnancy is the same as heartburn at any other time in life, but it can be particularly annoying for women who also suffer from morning sickness and nausea. Acidity is a situation in which the valve that separates the stomach and the esophagus open, allowing some of the Stomach acid and bile to move from the stomach to the esophagus. [1] This highly acidic substance irritates the lining of the esophagus, which produces a burning sensation in the thorax. Despite the name, heartburn is not connected to the heart either way.

Causes of heartburn during pregnancy

Pregnant women are more susceptible to heartburn for several reasons, including their hormonal fluctuations and physical changes within their body.

Hormones When you become pregnant, your body releases a excess of progesterone, which is able to relax the valve that separates the stomach and the esophagus, allowing more acid from the stomach to pass to that sensitive organ. [2]

Physical changes – The growth of your baby in the womb can upset certain organs, and can put pressure in the stomach and bowels, that can even force food Back to the esophagus, exacerbating the symptoms of heartburn. [3]

Diet – As with any normal case of heartburn, spicy foods or acids you consume can make your condition worse and make outbreaks more common. [4]

The symptoms of heartburn during pregnancy

For many women, heartburn during pregnancy is their first experience with this condition, which can extend a great distance to the esophagus, even to the lower part of the throat. While this problem is usually more common in the second half of pregnancy, symptoms may begin even earlier for some women and may include painful swallowing. sore throat, abdominal pain or a hoarse voice, in addition to the burning sensation in the chest.

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Sensacion de burned – This is the most common complaint of heartburn, and is similar to an oppression, combined with heat in the chest and lower part of the throat, often taking your breathe away with its quick start. [5]

Abdominal pain – Consistent heartburn will lead to abdominal Pain, due to the inflamed tissues in your gut.

Swallow If heartburn has reached the Middle of In your esophagus or throat, it can cause irritation of the delicate tissues of the throat, which makes it painful or difficult to swallow. [6]

Hoarsely – As a result of a sore throat and raw tissues of the esophagus, the quality of your speech may be affected, usually decreasing to a rougher or sharper tone.

Treatments and Home Remedies

The most effective treatments and home remedies for heartburn during pregnancy include the use of medications for heartburn, ginger, papaya And chewing gums without sugar, among others.


Over the counter medications are the most common treatment for heartburn, but as with any medication during pregnancy, be sure to clean your use with your doctor, even something as simple as Tums to relieve indigestion. [7]


The papaya has been used for generations As a traditional remedy for heartburn. [8] The active ingredient in this fruit, papain, can help balance the acidity Levels in the stomach, as long as the fruit is mature enough to eat.

Chewing gum without sugar

This basic snack after meals is an excellent option to prevent heartburn during pregnancy. This type of gum helps reduce acidity by increasing the production of saliva in the mouth. This can help settle the stomach and clean the esophagus from the irritating acid.

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One of the best known remedies for gastrointestinal problemsGinger contains gingerol and other organic compounds that can reduce inflammation, balance acid levels and eliminate stomach upset. [9]

Prevention of heartburn during pregnancy

The best way to handle this type of heartburn is to prevent it before it happens, drinking water, eat smaller meals, manage your diet more carefully and sustain yourself while you sleep, among others.


It is important that you to drink water both before and after meals, but reduce while you're eating. [10] When you mix too much water and food at the same time, it can cause your stomach to swell, which causes symptoms of heartburn.

Smaller meals

Despite the additional nutritional the needs of pregnancy, you should not eat large meals, since your stomach will not be able to correctly digest everything at once, resulting in a backup and heartburn. [11] Eat smaller meals or snacks more regularly so your stomach does not become overwhelmed.

Diet management

Eating a healthy diet for pregnancy could mean eliminating some of your favorite foods, especially if they include hot wings, jalapeño peppers, citrus or other extreme flavors.

Sleep position

You should support your upper back slightly above your stomach, which keep the stomach acid where it should be like you sleep, ensuring a restful sleep. [12]

Speed ​​of eating

Do not be in such a hurry! Slow lowering your meals will help you chew things better, improve digestive efficiency, prevent Eat excessively and decrease your risk of heartburn during pregnancy. [13]

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