Healthier alternatives for Tupperware plastic

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When tupperware was launched in the 1940s, a revolution in food storage was created. Durable, airtight and ultra convenient, tupperware quickly becomes an essential element of the kitchen.

The problem is that plastic containers do not only last for their limited lives in the kitchen. Once created, plastics are here to stay on Mother Earth forever. They can be recycled or recycled to another form, but standard plastics never, never really biodegrade.

And it's quite scary to think about our tupperware collections floating in the dump in 500 years, is not it?

Fortunately, there are many practical and ecological solutions to store your food these days. Check out these ideas to be free of plastic in the kitchen!

Reusable cotton sandwich

Skip the plastic wrap and keep your sandwiches fresh with these adorable little ones. ecological sandwich bags. They are not toxic, they can be cleaned and will serve you for many, many lunches. While the initial outlay is a bit higher than a roll of adhesive paper, they pay for themselves several times throughout their lives.

Bags of sandwiches and paper snacks

Remember the good morning you brought your lunch to school in brown paper bags? While we do not believe that paper is the best option, paper is even better than toxic plastic. So, if you're really stuck or need a disposable food storage option, opt for some ecological brown paper bags. Perfect for transporting cookies, sandwiches, muesli bars or muffins if you can not use a reusable container!

Cotton muslin bags

These produce bags Look super sweet lined in the pantry! I love filling each bag with different dried beans, legumes and lentils. Also, they are excellent for keeping your potatoes and onions separate. These bags can also be easily rolled and carried to the Farmer's Market, and will protect their green leaves from moisture damage in the refrigerator!

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Beeswax wrappings

Honestly, once you had the pleasure of using these beautiful bee wrappersYou will never want to work with Cling wrap again! These beautiful fabrics have been soaked in a special blend of beeswax, to form a naturally soft but protective film against your food. There is something deliciously relaxing when you feel the wraps soften under the heat of your hand. I use them to wrap halves of avocado, bagels, slices and uncovered food bowls. Also, they will degrade once the service is finished!

Glass jars

I'm a bit addicted to glass jars … All the remaining glass jars of pasta sauce, tahini and honey are soaked, rubbed and rinsed before removing the residue from the sticker with a little eucalyptus oil. These jars are great for storing bulk grains, seeds, fresh picked herbs, salad dressings, soaked nuts and frozen leftover soups. So, reconsider before recycling these jars … Recycling is great, but optimizing its potential use first is even better!

Crystal Alternatives & # 39; Tupperware & # 39;

There is no doubt that a good supply of food storage containers, preferably in a wide range of shapes and sizes, is very useful. Instead of the plastic options that traditionally contain BPA, they filter the phthalates and contribute to the non-biodegradable landfill, the glass containers have keyed covers, such as glasslock range Offer the same comfort, at no cost to your health or to the planet.

Shower caps

Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous, but please, listen to me. Over the course of a week, just think about how many times you roll out a plastic roll to cover leftover dishes or salad bowls. Although a shower cap is still plastic, it is washable, reusable and can be stretched over food containers. Simply wrap a large rubber band around the bottom if you need something a little more tight!

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Compostable adhesive wrap

Compostable adhesive wrap really exist! The technology has discovered many alternatives to plasticizers, including polylactic acid (PLA), which is produced through the fermentation of starch during the wet milling of corn. These corn-based plastics biodegrade in two months in compost and require up to 20 – 50% less fossil fuels to produce.

Cups with insulation

These Healthy human The glasses are simply brilliant for drinks, smoothies and soups to take away. I also use them to store a little more of my morning juice to enjoy later in the day. Also, if you place a couple of ice cubes in this quality glass, it will provide you with a refreshing and ice cold drink all day long!

Biodegradable trash bags

Of course, the first step is to reduce waste as much as possible in the kitchen. And, really, your waste will be cut in half once you start composting at home. However, there always seems to be some odds and ends that must be thrown. If you do not feel comfortable throwing the waste directly into your container and washing it regularly, I recommend that you use biodegradable garbage bags to reduce your plastic footprint.

While these are my favorite tips to avoid using plastic, I'd love to hear yours! What are your free plastic preferences in the kitchen?


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