Health tips on female fertility and future pregnancy

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Every woman has a dream of becoming "Mother". It is a special feeling and these feelings can not be expressed. But there are some women who tried but could not conceive. Then, after seeing these things, science and government came up with new ideas like Adoption or Subrogation, etc. But why bet on this when you can have your own baby? You just need a small change in your own lifestyle or say a little care.

Here I have mentioned some advice and guidance to care for or continue in the future:

Weight: Every woman is aware of her weight, but somehow our lifestyle makes us overweight or underweight. These two overweight and low weight are the big problem, since both will not help you achieve normal fertility. Example: if you are overweight, excess fat can lead to an overproduction of hormones … where, on the other hand, women with low weight produce less fat and less hormones. In summary, the imbalance hormones with both overweight and underweight can cause problems such as PCOS, PCOD, OVULATION PROBLEMS, etc. Try to exercise such as brisk walking, jogging, aerobics, yoga (the best for stress). Give up smoking: In today's time, the level of stress is so high that people tend to smoke and drink for every small reason. And if we look around the world, there are a billion women smokers. Try to stop smoking, it would be best for you and your future baby. Because of the habit of smoking, the growth of the baby is affected. Tobacco has many negative effects on fertility, such as irregularities in the hormonal system. Try to stop smoking. Avoid alcohol: The effects of alcohol on fertility are greater than you think. Even the intensity of drinking alcohol decreases fertility. We all know that heavy drinkers have a greater risk of all kinds of health problems. The consumption of alcohol at the time of ovulation reduces the chances of a successful conception. Some effects of alcohol on fertility are delayed or absent from the period (menstruation), reduction of the weight of the ovaries, decrease in hormones, birth defects, etc. Therefore, try to avoid alcohol. If you do not seek medical help, consult a doctor. Stress: Try to avoid it. There are many reasons for stress, such as death in the family, work, sedentary lifestyle, etc. Unhealthy habits affect fertility. Try to reduce stress as much as possible. If you are not able to cope, do it, these things will surely help you. Acupuncture massage Stay active playing outdoor games. Participate in yoga Attend counseling therapy Limit's caffeine We all like coffee / tea, but we know the limits of consuming it. How it hurts us It is said that women who consume the high limit of caffeine during pregnancy give birth to a baby with low birth weight. In addition, every 100 mg of caffeine also increases the duration of pregnancy in 5 hours. So try to avoid caffeine. Diet and Diet: Try to follow a healthy diet. A good diet makes a good body healthy. Opt for green and green as leafy greens (fenugreek, spinach), whole grains, eggs, legumes, meat, fish (fish oil supplement). Obtain more protein from plant foods such as beans and less red meat. Vegetable proteins (beans, nuts, seeds and tofu) consume 1 or 2 servings per day of whole milk or other complete dairy products such as yogurt and less low-fat dairy. Take multivitamins daily that contain at least 400 micrograms of folic acid and 40-80 mg of iron. Opt for seafood such as shrimp, tuna, salmon. Fast food and artificial sweeteners: Who does not like fast food. Only 1% of people say they do not. But there is a limit to everything if something exceeds your limit is definitely going to hurt you. The same fast food and artificial sweeteners hurt the chances of women becoming pregnant, increase infertility. One study says that women who eat less fruit and more fast food are less likely to conceive within a year more likely to experience infertility. Artificially sweetened soft drinks, beverages and canned juice lead to infertility, since they all contain aspartame.

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As sperm and female reproductive cells (ovules) have a 90% chance of dying when aspartame is consumed in excess. He is advised by many experts and doctors to avoid it. Things to follow for fertility and for a better future pregnancy:

A) Keep the weight.

B) Maintain a healthy diet.

C) Exercise / Yoga

D) sleep well

E) Be free from stress

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