Health benefits of the wooden apple (Aegle Marmelos) or Bael fruit

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Bael (Stone Apple) Benefits for the Summers

Commonly known as Bael, the stone apple has a scientific name of Aegle Marmelos. It is a kind of tree native to India. Its fruit is used in traditional medicines and also as food.

The fruit can be eaten directly fresh from the tree or after being dried. The juice is strained and sweetened to make a refreshing drink like lemonade. It is widely available during the summers as a street food in India. Sometimes people turn it into a straw for continuous use for about a week. One made in Orissa has fresh cheese, milk, fruit pulp, sugar, ground black pepper and ice. People drink it to alleviate the scorching heat of the summers. It has a refreshing essence.

It has several health benefits, such as relieving constipation, indigestion, ulcer, piles, respiratory problems, diarrhea and dysentery. It also helps increase immunity and helps fight viral and bacterial infections. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Regular use may prevent cancer and cure diabetes.

It is also called elephant apple for its favorite food of elephants. It is considered sacred in the Hindu religion and is widely cultivated throughout India. It consists of several vital nutrients such as vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, fiber, proteins and iron.

It is considered good for digestion since it is rich in fiber and its antibacterial properties kill germs in the intestine. It also heals ulcers and intestinal infections. It is also recommended as a treatment for chronic dysentery.

It is highly recommended for people suffering from peptic ulcer or piles, as it contains an ingredient called tannin. Its high fiber content makes it a perfect laxative to relieve constipation, stomach pain and discomfort. Just drink a glass of bael juice to purify the blood of all kinds of toxins. It leads to a healthier liver and kidney.

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Bael fruit is rich in vitamin C, which helps prevent scurvy. Scurvy is a potential disease that threatens life and the bael guarantees that it never develops. Strengthens your immune system to fight against this disease.

Bael is also considered a cure for diabetes. The Feronia gum found in the trunk and branches counteracts the harmful effects of diabetes and helps the flow and balance of sugar in blood streams. It helps control insulin levels in your body to fight against diabetes.

It also relives of respiratory problems. Treat the common cold due to its rich content of vitamin C and help develop your immune system to fight against the bacteria causing the cold and prevent it from happening.

It is refreshing to try and increase your energy levels without increasing the level of sugar in your blood. It has a lot of energy, therefore, it is a perfect energy drink for the summer when you yourself suffer a drought due to the heat of the sun.

In case you suffer from problems related to the kidneys, the wooden apple is a recommended fruit for you. It helps to heal quickly and keeps toxins away from your body, so it puts less burden on the kidney to function properly.

Similar is also considered good for liver health by reducing the toxins that are filtered through your liver. When a bael paste with repellent is applied, it is said to reduce the chances of contracting malaria and dengue, as it provides a perfect shield against mosquito bites.

You can boil a cup of water and add a spoonful of dried bael leaves. Let it cool for a while and strain. Drinking this solution three times a day has visual effects to reduce hypertension.

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Bael ka sorbet (juice)

Take a medium-sized bael, some powdered jaggery, a pinch of black salt and a glass of water. Break it by hitting it with a hammer to explore the inner pulp. Remove the pulp in a large bowl and crush with the palms. Now add water to this pulp and continue to crush it to extract all the juice from the fruit. Now use a strainer to strain the pulp. Add jaggery and salt to the mixture and take it ready to serve.

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