Halloween: tricking children into healthy treats

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Know how to do strength and balance exercises.

Strength and balance exercises

Balance exercises can help you stay independent by helping you avoid a disability that can result from a fall. Each year, US hospitals UU They have 300,000 admissions for broken hips. Frequently, the fall is the cause of these fractures. By doing strength and balance exercises regularly, you can reduce the risk of suffering a debilitating fall.

The strength and balance exercises are superimposed, since very often, an exercise serves both purposes. The strength exercises of the lower part of the body that include; Plantar flexion, hip flexion, hip extension, knee flexion, and lateral leg elevation are also balancing exercises.

Regularly scheduled strength exercises will improve your balance at the same time. They can improve your balance even more by adding the following modifications: Keep in mind that these exercises tell you to hold onto a table or chair to maintain balance. Hold the table with one hand. As you go, try holding it with just one finger. Next, try these exercises without clinging at all. If your feet are very firm, continue with the exercises without using your hands, with your eyes closed. Make someone stay close if you are unstable.

Do your strength exercises and incorporate these balance techniques as you go. Over time, you will notice that these exercises will help you feel more stable and secure when you move and participate in daily activities.

These exercises will help you improve your balance. Start slowly and follow your path through the steps as your confidence and ability improves.

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Hip extension Lateral leg lift Flex knee Trio of balance exercises

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