Granulated Garlic: Substitutes and Availability

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The idea of ​​adding granulated Garlic It may not have occurred to your diet, but for people looking for an improvement of their general health, this spice Variation is an excellent option.

What is granulated garlic?

Granulated Garlic It is a popular way that many people choose to prepare and store their garlic, as it is somewhere in the garlic powder and sliced cloves. Granulated garlic has the consistency of corn flour, instead of the very fine grain of garlic powder, and it's a popular addition to salty dishes, soups, stews, rubs, sauces and pasta salads. [1] You can get about 1/2 teaspoon of granulated garlic per Nail of garlic, and while this may not seem like much, the flavor and potency of the granulated garlic are well known. In other words, you do not need much of this semi-finished garlic to have an effect on your food.

How to make granulated garlic?

The granulated garlic is prepared by cutting the garlic cloves, dehydrating them completely and then grinding them in a mortar and in a food Processor to obtain a thick consistency. This can be stored in a airtight container, out of direct sunlight, until it is ready to be used.

Where to find granulated garlic?

As a popular item in the kitchen in various parts of the world, granulated garlic is generally available in stores and markets, and is also online through major distributors. However, many people choose to make their own granulated garlic, as it is a relatively simple and inexpensive way to store your garlic for long periods of time and give your dishes an extra touch. flavor impulse. [2]

Granulated garlic substitutes

There are quite a few things you can use instead of granulated garlic, including garlic powder, garlic flakes, garlic and garlic juice Salt, among others.

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Garlic powder

Considering that the granulated garlic would turn into garlic powder if left too long in the food processor, garlic powder is the best substitute. this unusual spice. [3] While the powerful flavor may be better in the granulated variety, most people will not be able to tell the difference.

Garlic salt

Adding salt to any other spice tends to enhance the flavor, and in the case of the garlic salt, that addition of an extra salty flavor makes it a perfect substitute 1: 1 for the granulated garlic.

Garlic juice

Garlic juice is highly concentrated, with a stronger Garlic flavor that fresh garlic or garlic powder; Using a small amount of this juice can be an effective way to replace the granulated variety of garlic. [4]

Garlic flakes

These are small dehydrated Garlic Flakes: Basically, the slices you removed from the dehydrator before adding them to the food processor. Again, this ingredient will add a similar flavor to your dishes as granulated forms of this spice.

Onion Varieties

In addition to using different variations of garlic, you can also substitute it. certain types of onions For granulated forms of garlic. [5] shallots Y chives They can be dried and used as substitutes, since they can have flavor profiles and active ingredients similar to garlic.

Difference between granulated garlic and garlic powder

The only real difference between granulated garlic and garlic powder is how finely ground the garlic becomes. When you add slices of dried garlic to a food processor, the longer you allow the teeth to mix, the finer the garlic will grind and the closer the garlic powder will get. In terms of basic ingredients, these come from the same herb and are only different in their final consistency: one is a fine powder and the other with larger groups.

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