Gouda and its many health benefits

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Gouda cheese is one of the most exported dairy products in the Netherlands and actually comes from a city also called the Netherlands.

Gouda and its benefits

It is said that the history of cheese making goes back 2000 years ago and that archaeologists discovered cheese making devices from 200 BC.

According to the age of the cheese, the gouda can be classified into seven categories ranging from a smooth and creamy texture to a crumbled and harder texture that develops a fresher and sharper flavor.

Gouda changes its flavor and texture over time, so the taste can become stronger and sweeter.

People often describe Gouda as a nutty buttery flavor with a hint of caramel. The texture can vary from mild to medium and the smell can be a bit acidic.

There are some reasons why Gouda is excellent for you and here's why:

Gouda raises your immunity levels and contains probiotics.

80% of your immune system is due to a good absorption of nutrients that takes place in the digestive system. Gouda contains probiotics that ensure proper digestion and help the body stay healthy and free of bacteria and viruses.

This type of cheese offers a supply of good bacteria that is essential for the body and also has a great taste.

Gouda is a great source of calcium.

Calcium is a necessary mineral that helps the bone structure stay strong and prevents fractures or osteoporosis from developing.

Being a dairy product, Gouda offers the body high amounts of calcium and also vitamin K, which in turn facilitate the absorption of calcium.

Gouda contains a large amount of vitamin K

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When there is a deficit of vitamins or minerals, people tend to choose supplements to restore balance, but Gouda, like other products of animal origin, is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin K2.

Actually, it contains more vitamin K2 than eggs, butter or liver.

This essential vitamin is known to prevent dementia and reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis or cancer.

Other beneficial effects include anti-aging properties for the skin, keeping the variety at bay or facilitating the absorption of calcium.

Gouda is full of proteins.

Proteins are the structure of our muscles, so to gain mass, you must consume high amounts of protein. In addition, being a dairy product, Gouda offers essential minerals, vitamins and proteins.

The protein facilitates the synthesis of collagen, which leads to a smooth and wrinkle-free skin, in addition to maintaining strong nails and healthy hair.

Some advices: In addition to its beneficial value, Gouda is also rich in calories and, therefore, even a small amount of this dairy product can increase your daily calorie intake.

This type of cheese has a high level of sodium and when eaten in large quantities, it can cause water retention or swelling in the eyes. You can use a food scale to determine the amount of the serving or reduce the salt intake of other foods.

Gouda can successfully improve the taste of a salad or quiche, but it is better to be careful with the size of the portions and consume the Gouda cheese in moderation.


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