Ginger – A home remedy for instant relief of headache

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Here is how you can use ginger to get instant relief from the headache.

Image of ginger: a home remedy for the instant relief of headache.

Ginger for headache reliefA headache is one of the most common conditions that affects many of us. But instead of looking for those painkillers, try using a natural method for instant relief: ginger. Considered as an elixir for headaches, ginger acts on the mechanism of the disease to reduce the pain one feels.

Replete with more than 200 substances, mainly present in its oils, it is known that the root blocks prostaglandins that stimulate muscle contraction, control inflammation and affect the release of some hormones. All of which acts directly on how a headache affects our body.

It is also believed that ginger works according to the concept in Ayurveda, that a headache is caused by some deterioration of the digestive capacity of the body. Charmaine D'souza, author of Clinical kitchen and the renowned naturopath, supports this belief and says: "Ginger is a classic tonic for the digestive tract, it stimulates digestion and has the ability to prevent vomiting, it also tends to increase the pumping action of the heart. Stomach from the harmful effects of alcohol and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and can help prevent ulcers.It is also used as a relief for sore throats if it is added to warm water and used to gargle with '(Read: 10 health benefits of ginger)

Here are some simple remedies that you can try at home to relieve a headache:

Remedy # 1: Take advantage of the analgesic power of the volatile oil present in ginger: just crush the fresh ginger, boil with water, filter and drink the hot liquid and you will notice a marked reduction in the intensity of your headache.

Remedy # 2: If you are not too interested in drinking ginger juice, you can try inhaling its vapors. All you have to do is crush a piece of ginger or use a tablespoon of dried ginger powder and add it to boiling water, inhale the vapors and get instant relief from a headache.

Remedy # 3: Another good remedy is to apply the ginger paste on your forehead. Just take dry ginger powder (as much as you would need it to make a paste). Add a little warm water and apply this paste on your forehead. It is better to rest with your eyes closed in a quiet room to allow the ginger paste to take effect. You should find instant relief from your headache.

Disclaimer: This is just a home remedy; Please be sure to visit a doctor if symptoms persist. Do not use this as a substitute for medical advice. Your doctor will be better equipped to diagnose any serious condition you may have.

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Reference:, by Pavitra Sampath

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