Gin vs Vodka: which is better

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In the debate of the gin vs. vodka, it can be easy to mix these two clearings liquorsBut after a single sip, the difference becomes very clear!

Gin vs Vodka

There are many differences between the two alcoholic drinks, let's take a look at them in detail below.

What are gin and vodka?

Both are clear liquors, based on grain.

Vodka originated in Russia and the tradition of vodka has spread throughout Eastern Europe, where it is often drunk after intense cooling. The gin was created by the Dutch mainly as a medicinal drink and is now popular throughout the world as a cocktail mixer.

How to do?

Both spirits are distilled liquors made of several. grain Y vegetables as potato.

Vodka is made primarily from anyone rye, wheat or potato starch that has been fermented. Then water is added to the alcohol, producing a clear, tasteless [1] The Gin drink is distilled from any type of grain puree, generally depending on the dominant crop of the region in which it is made. Then it is spiced with botanical ingredients, producing a herbal character, the most famous juniper, which has the same distinctive flavor of gin.


It is assumed that vodka is by definition tasteless. The more insipid a vodka is, the better it will be. The taste of gin, on the other hand, It depends in juniper berries for its distinctive flavor, which is often combined with other flavors, such as citrus or Cucumber. [2]


1.5 ounces of gin or vodka contain approximately 100 calories, with zero carbohydrates. The alcohol content of vodka can distance from 40 to 95% of ABV, while the ABV of the gin usually varies from 36 to 50%. [3]


Distilled liqueurs such as gin and vodka are often preferred to beer or came for people looking to lose weight because of their low sugar Y carbohydrate content.

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Which is better?

Gin fans might argue that gin is the healthiest drink because of the added botanicals, but standard nutrition guidelines show that the two liquors are very similar. In terms of which liquor is stronger, that depends entirely on the brand and the country of origin.

Just remember to drink in moderation! Cheers!!

Gin vs Vodka: which is better, reference:

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