Gharbha Sanskar

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Garbha Sanskara

Objective: to have a healthy mother and a healthy baby in terms of physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual growth.

It is a science in itself and also a beauty, An easy and inexpensive way to improve the intelligent, emotional and spiritual quotient of a fetus by various means. It also includes keeping the expectant mother happy and making her nine-month journey happy.

It is not a new concept in India, the Indians knew that the behavior of parents and the environment affects the growing child in the womb. That's why our grandmothers insisted that the pregnant mother should stay happy and, at the same time, live with discipline, have positive thoughts, read good books, listen to good music and watch good movies.

Our mythology tells the story of Abhimanyu. He learned how to enter chakraviyu in the womb while Lord Krishna narrated the art of entering chakravyu to expect subhadra. Another example is Shivaji, the great warrior, whose mother used to read and think about the life stories of deshbhaktas, Ramayan, Geeta and Mahabharat when she was pregnant. Also recently, if you analyze the life of the famous table player Zakkir Hussain, his father Rakkatulla used to touch the board with his fingers on the belly of his pregnant wife.

It includes:

Pregnancy should be by choice and not by chance. The parents must be, the couple must be prepared mentally, physically and economically to welcome an unborn child. Each couple wants their child to be born with intelligence (Buddhi), courage (Shourya), brilliance (Texas), strength (Shakti), good qualities (guna) as love for humanity and the nation, courage, leadership, management skills, vision of the future, love for peace, etc. Through garbha sanskar all this can be imparted to the unborn baby. The development of the baby in the womb is in the most educable stage of life. Various techniques can be used to make this period more conducive to learning. The baby starts listening from the fourth month. The baby recognizes the mother from the heart, heartbeat, voice, touch and smell. The emotions of the mother affect the baby. It is proven that the baby is very close to the father's voice. So the stories, the chanting of mantras and the songs told by the father have a definite impact. The baby also recognizes the touch of the father.

How can Garbha Sanskar be taught?

Sat vichar- inculcating positive thoughts and attitude towards life and pregnancy. Keep the mother happy and cheerful for the husband and other family members. Sat sahitya reading good books about positive attitude in life, spiritual books like Ramayan, Bhagwad Geeta and Mahabharat and Puranas, and lives of deshbhaktas. The most important thing is to read carefully and try to absorb what is being read. Music: the chanting of mantras and shlokas, listening to classical music and bhajans has a calming and elevating effect on the mind. Makes the mother happy and cheerful. Prayers for all beings and for the unborn child. Educate about the need to walk regularly, yoga and exercise. Visual aids such as watching good movies related to values, dehbhakti and spiritual teachers. Eat pure and nutritious foods. Using loose and comfortable cloths. Thank you every day for giving the joy of being a mother.

Who can impart Garbha sanskar?

Actually, it should start when the "Parent to be" couples begin to plan the pregnancy living a disciplined life and preparing physically, mentally and financially. Mother: As scientifically proven, mother and baby share experiences, so any mother has a direct impact on the baby. Father: the baby understands the father's voice and touch. The father can talk, Sing mantras or sing songs sitting near the mother and while doing so, keep your hand on the mother's belly. Grandfather – By history Tell and give advice that can be very helpful. Teacher: listening to lectures and speeches about values, good behavior and about our spirituality. Society – Realization of various functions and rituals. in a community when the mother is waiting.

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