Get rid of wrinkles in 7 days with this simple facial cream (recipe)

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Wrinkles can not be prevented, but they can be delayed or covered. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, prolonged exposure to sunlight, artificial tanning, visual fatigue or facial tension can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles.

egg mask

Anti-wrinkle cream – Recipe

This cream is more a mask made of 4 natural ingredients and you may have some of them in your own pantry. It is ideal to stretch the lines of expression and reduce wrinkles.

The ingredients

– 1 egg

– 2 teaspoons of Vaseline

– 1/2 teaspoon of honey

– 2 tablespoons of almond oil (you can also use avocado, olive or coconut oil)


Let the vaseline melt in steam and low heat. After a few minutes, when the petroleum jelly has completely melted, you can put out the fire and add the rest of the ingredients. Mix slowly, until obtaining a fine paste. Keep this cream in a small container, in the refrigerator. Apply to areas with wrinkles or across your face because it is extremely nutritious. The cream is suitable for all skin types. Visible results will be noticed 1 week after the first application.


Vaseline is considered a cosmetic miracle that moisturizes, nourishes, softens and heals dry and irritated skin. It is incorporated in numerous ointments and ointments, but it can also be used as such. Everyone should have Vaseline at home. It is so emollient that it can cure the most severe cases of dry and cracked skin. It is useful for chapped lips and skin, for skin conditions, minor cuts, bleeding from the nose and allergies caused by pollen (apply a little Vaseline inside the nostrils).

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Women can use Vaseline during the winter because it is much better to retain moisture compared to commercial creams. It can also be used as a natural cleaning agent. Its maximum advantage is that it is not absorbed in the blood.

The egg will have an immediate coverage effect and will hide wrinkles thanks to the numerous proteins it contains that help to stretch the skin. You can use it before an important event. Mix 2 egg whites and apply them on the face. Let cure for 30 minutes, then rinse with water.

Honey is definitely the oldest remedy used for the beauty of the skin. It is extremely efficient when it comes to wrinkles. It is extremely simple: apply raw honey to the affected areas and let it cure for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse with water.

The oils have anti-aging properties thanks to the high content of antioxidants. The best oils are: olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, geranium oil, argan oil or carrot seed oil. When used in the long term, they significantly reduce the unpleasant and annoying appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


Egg and Vaseline for the skin. Egg Yolk and Vaseline for the Face | How to use Vaseline and egg. How to use Vaseline and egg yolk moisturizer. mixture of honey and Vaseline | use Vaseline and egg |

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