Get rid of the cancer rod: 10 effective ways to quit tobacco addiction!

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Have you been thinking about quitting? Not only smoking, but even chewable tobacco is equally addictive and harmful.

Here are some easy tips so you can begin to reach your goal of having a tobacco-free life:

YOU WILL BE ABLE TO: Everything in life depends on how badly you want it. Once you put your mind on something, impossible is nothing. ESTABLISH A DEPARTURE DATE: The best way is to set a specific date (for example, your birthday, a child's birthday) and have a good time. It may not help some, for which try the next step. SEEK HELP: Do not be embarrassed to talk to your psychiatrist for advice and medications to help push this process. Nicotine is addictive and you may need help to stop smoking. Make a graphic: Write down how many cigarettes you smoke and the most common times. Leave the cigarette easier first. eg the one who smokes in the afternoon when you are inactive and you have nothing to do. Cross that off and, after two days, cross another regular time off. For example – After the meal. Little by little, for a few weeks, you can see those crosses and feel happy. EXERCISE: Open those lungs and repair the damage. MEDITATION AND HYPNOSIS: Both help increase your willpower and maintain your resolve. After all, it is the mind over the body. Nicotine replacement methods: Chewing gums, pills, pills, patches are available in the market. Use them according to the instructions of a doctor only. Desi methods: Craving? Try chewing an elaichi (cardamom) or a tooth (nail) to distract yourself. FIND THE GREATEST MYTH: Many smokers and tobacco chewers are convinced that they can not have a regular bowel movement (movements) without their daily dose. This is absolutely a myth and must be approached by a good doctor. If you have constipation, it will usually last a few days at the most. There are many methods to avoid this too. CARING FOR YOURSELF AND THOSE AROUND YOU: Smoking both actively and passively is bad. Help yourself and your loved ones. Last but not least, protect the environment.

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I will be happy to answer any question you have related to tobacco addiction.


Read the full article "Dispose of the cane against cancer: 10 effective ways to stop tobacco addiction!", Written by Dr. Era S. Dutta at here: healthfeed / throw-away -the-cancer-stick-10-effective-ways-to-quit-tobacco-addiction-6181 / post

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