Get rid of cellulite and stretch marks

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If you can get rid of cellulite with a little effort, stretch marks are different things: unfortunately they do not disappear so easily, even if you go to spa treatments or follow other methods of body care.

About stretch marks

The medical term for stretch marks is the so-called "atrophic streaks," or what a specialized dictionary would define as thin, white ridges, about 14 cm long, that appear in areas where the skin has stretched (due to the low amount of collagen). ) for several reasons: sudden weight gain, pregnancy, presence of tumors, steroids or treatments for a prolonged period.

You should know that 50% of skin quality depends on genetic factors, so some women are inherently prone to stretch marks.

Prevention and remedies:

1. The best solution for stretch marks is to prevent their appearance. I do not think we should insist on the importance of general skin care, but it is necessary to remember that this is the first step to ensure the needs of vitamin C. Instead of eating fats and various nutritional supplements, include in your diet all products They go through fewer stages of processing: fresh fruit and vegetables should be the first option. Avoid eating red meat, saturated fat, caffeine, alcohol, etc. Instead, prefer foods rich in zinc and vitamins A, E, and C.

2. Each time you take a shower, massage your entire body with a soft brush and possibly use an exfoliating shower gel.

3. In contrast, hydrotherapy, which alternates the temperatures of cold and hot water, has excellent effects on blood circulation. Pamper your skin daily in this way (rinse with warm water 10 times and 10 times with cold water) and then the entire body. You will feel the difference and your skin will become beautiful.

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4. Apply cocoa butter to the stretch marks or massage with oils containing vitamin E.

5. Ultimately, you can call a laser surgery. It was found that stretch marks are visibly reduced by this method. Before this, however, seek specialized advice, because the side effects can sometimes be unpleasant.

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