Geriatric pregnancy: definition and risks

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The term geriatric. the pregnancy Often the image of a grandmother who has a child appears but, in reality, this type of pregnancy is much more common and safer than many people believe.

What is geriatric pregnancy?

This may be a surprise, but in the past, any pregnancy after age 35 was considered a geriatric pregnancy. In recent years, women who become pregnant after age 35 are now considered "advanced maternal age. " [1] This change in terminology more accurately reflects the state of being pregnant at age 30, since most people do not consider that 35 years of age are "geriatric" in any way.

While optimal Fertility Occurs at an earlier age, for both men and women, it can still be perfectly safe for a woman to have a child after she is over 35 years old. While there are some risks that arise in a pregnancy of advanced maternal age, improvements in medical technology and longer life expectancies make this type of pregnancy much more common, and less dangerous, for women throughout the world. world. The oldest known successful pregnancy was actually in a 66-year-old woman, almost twice as many called age of cut Of the geriatric pregnancy. [2]

You will have to work more closely with your doctor and you will probably need more regular check-ups during your term, but for women who are pushing at 40 and who are still looking forward to bringing a package of joy to the world, do not lose hope!

Risks of geriatric pregnancy

Some of the common risks of geriatric pregnancy include an increased risk of premature birth, Down syndrome, low birth weight, Caesarean section delivery, gestational diabetes, and tall blood pressure, among others.

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Premature labor

There may be a slightly higher risk of very early delivery (before 28 weeks) with older mothers, but the rates of premature delivery (before 32 weeks) are not statistically different from those of younger mothers. [3] Interestingly, perhaps due to better financial, emotional and medical situations, premature births have a higher survival rate when they are born to older mothers.

Decreased Fertility

Fertility begins to decrease with age, but not as dramatically as people seem to think. At the age of 35, only 10% of women are infertile; At age 45, that number increases to 85%. In other words, if you talk regularly with your doctor and have discussed your pregnancy goals, he can give a good indication of your fertility. level and your probability of conceiving as you get older. [4]

Birth of a dead child

Fetal death is a danger for women of all ages and has a variety of causes and risk factors. While the rate of fetal death is higher in older women, it is not a significant risk until after 40 years. [5]

Chromosomal disorders

One of the most common misconceptions about geriatric pregnancy is that the risk of chromosome disorders, like Downs & # 39; syndrome, it's much higher [6] In fact, the risk of Down syndrome in women older than 35 years is less than 1%, although that risk increases to almost 4% at 40 years.

Cesarean birth

Due to the various changes in the body and the delicate approach that is taken with most geriatric pregnancies, it can be recommended that undergo A cesarean delivery to better protect the health of the mother and the child. [7]

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes Rates tend to be higher in older mothers, although this way of diabetes It also depends to a large extent on your Lifestyle Options and dietary habits. [8] For older mothers, paying close attention to sugar Intake may be more important to avoid this temporary condition.

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High blood pressure

As you get older, whether you are pregnant or not, you are more likely to developing high blood pressure. [9] To avoid hypertension during pregnancy, as well as preeclampsiaYou should follow your recommended diet and fitness regimen closely.

Pregnancy More than 40

Although the geriatric pregnancy is technically any pregnancy over 35 years, the pregnancy over 40 years is another indicator of age that worries many people. It is true that the risks described above will increase with age but, as mentioned, there are still many women who give birth to healthy normal children once they cross the age of 40. The important thing is to maintain communication with your doctor and accept that your pregnancy can be more difficult or risky as you get older.

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