Gastritis, Ulcers and Natural Medicines

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Gastritis and peptic ulcer are triggered or relapsed in at least one in six people, and this occurs mainly during the spring. Why? Due to the change of food types during the transition to summer; Due to sleep problems that occur with decreasing nights and increased activity that also increases stress levels. Fortunately, there are many natural ways of prevention and healing.

Gastritis, Ulcer, symptoms and remedies

Briefly defined, gastritis is an inflammation of the lining that protects the walls of the stomach. Its causes are multiple, and the most common are: taking medications (especially anti-inflammatory), alcohol and foods that are aggressive to the digestive tract, the presence of bacteria (Helicobacter pylori) in the stomach, lack of sleep and high levels of stress. One or more of these factors lead to the development of gastritis, which, without treatment over time, becomes an ulcer. "stomach pain sizes =" "height =" "width =" "></a></p>
<p>In gastritis, the most common symptom is pain in the stomach, a pain that is often associated with feelings of "burns." The pain may be continuous (long hours or even days) or intermittent, and may be accompanied by other signs such as: acid regurgitation, nausea, abdominal distension, diarrhea.</p>
<p>The pain of the ulcer is more intense than in gastritis and the symptoms can be convulsions, vomiting with blood or blood clots and dark defecation. The only sure way to make the difference between gastritis and ulcer is by means of a medical consultation made by a specialist.</p>
<h3><strong>Some elements of natural therapy.</strong></h3>
<p><strong>Medicinal herbs</strong></p>
<p>Licorice: take a teaspoon of root tincture four times a day. Each dose should be diluted in a cup (250 ml) of water, so that the alcohol in the tincture can reach concentrations that do not have side effects. The active principles of licorice are excellent anti-inflammatory and help restore the lining of the stomach that protects the stomach walls from acid erosion.</p>
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Raspberry leaves: it is administered in the form of powder, which is obtained by grinding with an electric coffee grinder, take a teaspoon of powder four times a day. It has many beneficial properties such as: antacid, haemostatic and healing, helps and closes the lesions that occur in the walls of the stomach in peptic ulcer.

Calamus: the root powder is taken on an empty stomach, half a teaspoon four times a day. The antibiotic effect (inhibits the development of H. pylori) and gastric sedatives helps control stress levels, since in more than half of cases, mental stress (stress) is one of the main factors They cause gastritis and ulcers.

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<p>It is a form of treatment that uses extracts obtained from young shoots and other plant tissues. In pharmacies and herbal stores, there is also an extract obtained from fig buds (Ficus carica) that has long proved to be a true elixir in cases of gastritis and ulcers. It is administered by 50 drops, twice a day, in the course of 2 months. It has a general calming effect and prevents the onset of diseases that occur due to emotional imbalances that affect certain organs, diseases that include gastritis and ulcers.</p>
<p>It has a protective, anti-infective, regenerative effect, protects the entire digestive system. It is administered in cycles of 40 days, as follows: in half a glass of water (100 ml) put a teaspoon of clay, leaving it overnight. In the first seven days of treatment, drink on an empty stomach in the morning, only the fraction of clear glass: clay water. After this period, mix all the contents of the cup and drink together in the morning. The clay that reached the stomach forms a protective film that quickly alleviates pain and scars in the gastric walls. Many people suffering from peptic ulcer and gastritis have found relief with this remedy, as simple as it is effective.</p>
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It is also called activated charcoal, it is found in pharmacies in the form of powder or tablets. Charcoal is an excellent natural painkiller in the gastritis crisis because it will neutralize the acidity of the gastric juices in a few moments. The charcoal tablets are administered according to the package leaflet, while the powder itself receives a spoonful diluted in half a glass of water, 3-4 times per day. This remedy is not used as a cure, but is used only to relieve pain. It is one of the few natural remedies with very fast action.


The establishment of a diet to prevent and treat gastritis or ulcer guides us by three basic rules:

1. Avoid the aggressors: that is, all the foods and substances that favor these digestive diseases.

2. Individualization of food: to cure gastritis, there are so many types of diets for different types of patients. The only way to know what foods help fight this disease is through direct experience. By tasting all the foods that are not on the forbidden list, we discover the diet that allows us to keep the disease under control.

3. Use of medicinal foods, mainly alkaline and "cold" foods, which will be explained below.

Medicinal foods

Alkaline juices – are made of cabbage, potato, carrot, beetroot, cucumber and nettle. The juices are obtained with the electric centrifugal juicer. We recommend a cycle of 2 to 3 days, in which to consume only the juices that reduce gastric acidity, regulate digestion and "fix" the gastric epithelia. If the body does not acc.

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