Fruits vs. fruit juices – Which one is healthier?

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Is it a myth or a fact, that a glass of fruit juice is as healthy as having a bowl of seasonal and regional fresh fruit?

Let's see it ourselves and decide:

One of the registered benefits of the skin of the fruit is the ability to reduce the risk of cancer, due to the presence of pigments such as carotenoids and flavonoids. The juice, unfortunately, deprives us of enjoying these benefits. The juice extracted at home is definitely hygienic, but many nutrients (and especially fiber) are lost. Consider eating whole fruits as it provides more satiety. This is due to fiber. It also feels full for a longer period compared to fruit juice, which does not affect our overall food intake. Many of the fruit juices sold in bottles and tetra packs contain added sweeteners and, in fact, can be as bad as aerated beverages and tails. Due to the added sweeteners, we consume more calories without getting any real nutrition. And yes, sometimes they also contain preservatives to increase shelf life. It is always advisable to read labels carefully, as they provide a clearer and better image of that particular product. The colorful and attractive glass of juice you buy from local vendors to quench your thirst may be contaminated, and instead of doing it right you can damage your gut. Therefore, you should be careful with the place where you get the juices, especially during the monsoon season.

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