Fresh, natural, organic: what do all these labels mean?

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"If I had the option, I certainly would not eat it," said scientist Arpad Pustazai in an interview after his study of GMOs.

Have you heard his name before? Probably not, since biotechnology made an example of it in 1998, launching an attack against any scientist who exposed how toxic GM crops really are. What did Pustazai find when testing animals that received genetically modified foods? Read on to discover what Monsanto has suppressed for decades.

Dr. Pustazai's comments on GMOs were aired on British television in the summer of 1998, and they were a viral flame that biotechnology decided to water as fast as he could. Dr. Pustazai has credentials as a world-renowned expert in food safety. He worked in one of the leading food safety research laboratories in the United Kingdom, the Rowett Institute. The scientist has more than 300 articles to his credit, as well as three books. However, a few days after his public declaration, he was suspended and gagged by the research institute where he worked.

The curriculum vitae of Dr. Pustazai is what gave him a grant of $ 3 million from the government of the United Kingdom to study GMOs. Dr. Pustazai was possibly the first, if not a leading scientist, to point out that transgenic foods were not at all substantially equivalent to non-genetically modified foods.

He also noted that the test procedures used by the United Kingdom, and incidentally, this is also true in the United States, were inadequate to determine the toxicity due to the short duration used. He said that this only tasted foods "superficially", and only longer-term studies would reveal their true detriment to human and animal health.

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The biotech industry set out to make Dr. Pustazai look like a senile idiot, but what he found in his own long-term studies was extremely revealing. Later, 24 additional scientists in countries around the world confirmed that Pustazai's findings were true.

When the doctor fed rats with GM potatoes, in just 10 days, the animals developed potentially precancerous cell growth, smaller brains, livers and testes, partially atrophied livers and damaged immune systems. What is more, the cause was undoubtedly the side effects of the genetic engineering process itself. In other words, transgenic foods sold in grocery stores, which are created from the same process, are likely to have similar effects on humans, according to Pustazai's research.

How many more Dr. Pustazai are out there, do you think? Scientists who have been embarrassed, dismissed, discredited or possibly worse off, so that the biotechnology industry can continue to sell the poison of the world? An example that comes to mind is Tyrone Hayes, a scientist who was discredited, gagged and more by the biotech giant Syngenta, all because this UC Berkeley biologist told the truth about the company's Atrazine herbicide and its cancer-causing nature.

However, you can not keep the truth secret forever, even if you are a multi-billion dollar industry that uses illegal and immoral tactics.


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