Frequently asked questions about chemical peels

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What are they chemical peels?

Chemical peels involve the use of an exfoliating chemical mix that removes damaged or older skin layers. The chemical mixture often includes one of the three chemicals: alpha hydroxyl acid, trichloroacetic acid or phenol or a combination.

How are they performed?Doctors use one of the three strengths to achieve the desired results. Gentle exfoliations, also called superficial peels, are safe for all skin types. Medium strength peels generally include trichloroacetic acid and create a deeper exfoliation on the skin. In general, deep phenol peels are not used on people with darker skin because they may finish whitening the skin. The chemical exfoliation is applied to the face in layers and left on the skin for the right time. After the peel is removed, the skin is cleaned and an antibacterial cream is applied.

How should I prepare my skin for the procedure?Before your appointment with the dermatologist, you will wash your face, apply sunscreen and moisturizer at least once a day. This helps ensure that chemical exfoliation works evenly on all areas of the skin. The doctor reviews the daily routine with you beforehand.

What are the risks?Risks during a chemical peel are rare. Deep chemical peels have more risks than a gentle exfoliation. Risks include allergic reactions to the ingredients, crusting of the skin, increased risk of sunburn, infection, organ failure, flushing, scarring, skin discoloration and swelling.

What should I expect after a chemical peel?After a chemical peel, your skin may feel tight. It may seem that you have had a severe sunburn. Try to avoid making facial expressions for a few days to avoid tearing or bleeding. Continue to follow the skin care regimen your dermatologist gave you. Do not go out in the sun for a few days or remove loose skin. Let the skin fall naturally or scars may occur.

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How remarkable are the results?The results depend on the level of chemical peel performed. Gentle exfoliations remove the superficial layers of the skin, so minor changes are observed. Medium shells reduce fine lines and sun damage. Deep peels tighten the skin and eliminate deep wrinkles.

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