Foods with proteins: how to balance proteins, carbohydrates and fats

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How does your diet accumulate?

According to a survey, many of us lack important nutrients

By Elaine Magee, MPH, RD
WebMD Weight Loss Clinic – Expert Column

According to the latest comprehensive government report, the American diet is simply not up to par. Despite good intentions, our food choices do not meet our body's needs for four important nutrients: vitamin E, magnesium, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

Many of us, especially older adults, must also worry about other components of the diet.

So, what can we do about it? Next, we will give you some tips, recipes and excellent suggestions to make sure that your diet accumulates. But first, here is a bit of history about the government's findings.

About the report

Each year, the Food Surveys Research Group of the US Department of Agriculture. UU Conduct a survey of what Americans eat, using a random sample of 9,000 people across the country. Each participant completes a 24-hour dietary recall, which includes food and beverages, but not dietary supplements. Then, there is a follow-up telephone interview. The majority of participants (80%) also undergo a physical examination.

The results are then compiled for a period of two years. The latest discoveries have been published in a document called. What we eat in America, National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2001-2002: Usual nutrient intake in food compared to dietary reference intake. (There is a delay in publishing the conclusions because it takes a long time to collect and analyze the data volumes).

The report, often referred to simply as NHANES, compares the results of the survey with the Institute of Medicine's (DRI) reference dietary intakes, the most recent recommendations on the nutrients we need for good health. The evaluation includes 24 different nutrients and dietary components.

The latest findings

According to the latest report:

Nearly 95% of people in the United States are not getting desirable intakes of vitamin E from food and beverages. More than half are not getting enough magnesium. About 40% are not getting enough vitamin A. Almost a third are not getting desirable intakes of vitamin C from the foods and beverages they consume. Vitamin B-6 and zinc are also below the suggested intake levels. Older adults are the population group with the highest risk of not meeting the nutritional requirements. Everyone should worry about getting enough vitamin K, calcium, phosphorus and dietary fiber.

To make sure your diet has all the nutrients you need, a good place to start is with "My Pyramid" from the US Department of Agriculture. UU At, along with the 2005 Dietary Guidelines.

Another great start: breakfast in a bowl of high-fiber cereal with skim milk, plus a glass of orange juice (this will help meet your needs for vitamin C, calcium, potassium and fiber).

Beyond that, go out of your way to eat tasty foods that are rich in all or most of the four main nutrients that the American diet lacks. Below, you will find each one's main food sources, along with some "super foods" that contain more than one of them; 10 easy tips to improve your diet; And a couple of recipes to try.

The best food sources of vitamin E

The reference dietary intake for men and women with vitamin E of 31 years and older is 15 milligrams of TE (equivalent of alpha-tocopherol) per day.

Food Milligrams (mg)
1/4 cup of sunflower seeds 17
1/4 cup hazelnuts / hazelnuts 8
1 tablespoon of hazelnut oil 6
1 tablespoon of almond oil 5
1/4 cup of peanuts 2.5
1/4 cup pistachios 2.2
1/4 cup of almonds 2.2
1 cup of tomato sauce 3.4
2 tablespoons peanut butter 3.3
1 cup cooked Swiss chard 3.3
1 tablespoon of canola oil 2.9
1 cup of vegetables, cooked (cabbage, mustard) 2.8
2 tablespoons of wheat germ 2.6
1 handle 2.3
2 cups raw spinach two
1 egg high omega-3 (Eggland's Best) two
3.5 ounces of steamed clams two
1 cup broccoli, cooked 1.8
3.5 ounces of canned white tuna in water 1.6
1 cup of papaya cubes 1.6

The best food sources of vitamin A

The reference dietary intake for women over 31 is 700 RE (retinol equivalents). The reference dietary intake for men over 31 is 900.

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Food RE
1/2 cup of cooked carrots 1,300-1900
1/4 cup of canned pumpkin 1,350
1 small baked sweet potato 1.310
1/2 cup of pumpkin, cooked 857
1 handle 805
1/2 cup of spinach, cooked 739
1 cup of melon cubes 561
1/2 cup of green leaves (mustard, cabbage, beetroot) 260-500
1/2 cup of kale, cooked 481
2 cups raw spinach 404
1 cup broccoli, cooked 212-348
2 cups of romaine lettuce 292
1 cup of tomato and vegetable juice 283
1/2 cup chard, cooked 275
1/2 cup chopped red peppers 212
2 cups loose leaf lettuce 212
2 fresh apricots 183
3 1/2 ounces of steamed clams 171
1/2 cup artichoke hearts, cooked 149
3 1/2 ounces of oysters 146
1/2 cup of tomato sauce 120
4 halves of dried apricot 101

The best food sources of vitamin C

The recommended daily intake for women over 31 is 75 mg / day. The recommended daily intake for men over 31 is 90 mg / day.

Food Milligrams (mg)
1/2 cup raw red pepper 142
1 cup of orange juice 82-124
1 cup broccoli, cooked 124
1 cup brussels sprouts 96
1 cup of fresh grapefruit 94
1 cup of papaya 86
1 cup of strawberry halves 86
1 kiwi 74
1 cup of canned grapefruit juice 72
1 cup of melon cubes 68
1 cup of tomato juice and vegetables 67
1/2 cup raw green pepper 66
1 handle 57
1 cup of cauliflower, cooked 54
1 cup of kale, cooked 54
1 small orange 51
1 medium grapefruit 41-46
1 cup of tomato juice 44
1 cup of cooked vegetables (cabbage, beetroot, mustard) 36-44
1 cup of pumpkin, cooked 36
1 cup of tomatoes, chopped 3. 4
1 cup of tomato sauce 32
1 cup chard, cooked 32
2 cups raw spinach 31
1 cup of green soybeans, cooked 30
1 cup of raspberries or blackberries 30

The recommended daily intake for women over 31 years of age is 320 mg / day. The recommended daily intake for men over 31 is 420 mg / day.

Food Milligrams (mg)
1/4 cup of roasted pumpkin seeds 303
1 cup chard, cooked 150
1/2 cup of tofu 128
1/4 cup of almonds 119
1 cup of beet leaves, cooked 98
1/4 cup of soy nuts (roasted soybeans) 98
1/4 cup hazelnuts / hazelnuts 96
1 cup of okra, cooked 92
1/4 cup of sunflower seeds 82 (average)
1/4 cup of cashew nuts 74
1 whole artichoke, cooked. 72
1 cup of pumpkin, cooked 72
1/4 cup of peanuts 63
1/4 cup walnuts or pistachios 51
1 tablespoon of molasses fifty
1/2 cup of baby beans, cooked fifty
2 slices of whole grain bread 48
2 cups raw spinach 48
3.5 ounces of crab, cooked 43
1 cup of low-fat yogurt 43
1 cup of green cabbage, cooked 42
1 cup whole wheat pasta, cooked 42
1/2 cup of brown rice, cooked 42
1/2 cup of beans, cooked (kidney, lentils, pinto, black-eyed peas, split peas) 32-40
3.5 ounces of fish, shrimp or oysters, cooked 30-40
1 cup of Brussels sprouts, cooked 36
1 banana 3. 4

The super foods

Some foods can help you kill many birds with a single nutritional stone, so to speak. Certain foods appear more than once in these lists. In fact, I found three foods that are in all four:

Swiss green chard spinach cooked chard

I also found three foods that are in all but one of the lists:

Pumpkin Butternut Tomato Sauce / Broccoli Juice

These foods are the main sources of two of the four nutrients:

Almonds, peanuts, pistachios and hazelnuts (magnesium and vitamin E) Soy (tofu and soy nuts are rich in magnesium, green soy is a top in vitamin C) Clams (vitamins E and A) Oysters (vitamin A and magnesium) Kale (vitamins A and C) Cantaloupe (vitamins A and C) Papaya (vitamins C and E) Mango (vitamins A and C)

10 tips to improve the diet

Here are some easy tips to make sure your diet is not deficient in these four nutrients.

1. Enjoy a handful of nuts almost every day.

2. Use raw spinach instead of lettuce for your salad.

3. Toss a bit of papaya or mango in your shake (the mango is available frozen).

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4. Discover some of these less popular vegetables as garnishes: vegetables, Swiss chard, Brussels sprouts, kale and pumpkin.

5. Add broccoli to everything you can imagine (salads, stews, pizzas, side dishes) and serve with a light dressing or dressing as an appetizer or snack.

6. Enjoy the melon as a snack, garnish or part of your breakfast.

7. Take tomato juice, enjoy a tomato soup or eat an Italian dish with tomato sauce.

8. For a change of pace, find a light dish recipe that includes clams or oysters.

9. Put some edamame (green soybeans) in the microwave for an easy and satisfying snack; Munch in some soy nuts; and look for recipes that contain tofu. You can also add green soy without shell to all kinds of dishes, such as fried rice, stews, pasta salads, etc.

10. Switch to cooking oils that provide some vitamin E (hazelnut oil, almond oil, canola oil) and buy eggs with higher omega-3 and vitamin E content if available in your area.

Also, try these recipes, which focus on foods that are rich in nutrients that many of us lack.

Swiss swiss chard wrappers

12 medium and large Swiss chard leaves (red or green), rinsed well; cut the thickest part of the stem (about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of the leaf)
4 to 5 ounces of mozzarella, partially moistened, sliced ​​or crushed
12 teaspoons of tomato paste
6 small tomatoes (or 3 large ones), cut in quarters
About a teaspoon of Dash Dash Garlic & Herb without salt
Salt to taste (optional)

Place 4 leaves (still quite wet after rinsing) in a microwave-safe dish and place them on HIGH for approximately 25 seconds. Place the leaves face down on a sheet of non-stick gelatin (or similar) with the stems aligned from north to south. Place 1/4 ounce of cheese in the center, in a rectangle 2 inches long, from north to south. Spread 1 teaspoon of the tomato paste over the cheese, then cover with 2 quarts (if using small tomatoes) and sprinkle about 1/16 teaspoon of Mrs. Dash on the tomato filling. Fold the north and south ends of the sheet over the filling, then fold the sides to create a wrap similar to a burrito. Place in the jellyroll tray, with the stem facing up. Repeat with the remaining leaves and filling. Preheat the oven on the grill. Grilled, with the pan about 6 inches from the flame, for 2 minutes. Turn the wrappers over and take the other side for 2 more minutes. Sprinkle salt over the top, if desired.

Yield: approximately 6 side portions (2 wraps per serving)

Per portion (2 laps): 102 calories, 9 g of protein, 11 g of carbohydrates, 3.8 g of fat (2.2 g of saturated fat), 10 mg of cholesterol, 3.3 g of fiber, 369 mg of sodium. Calories from fat: 31%.

Smoked greens (without ham or bacon fat)

2 teaspoons of olive oil
1 cup chopped sweet onion
1 teaspoon chopped garlic
16 ounce bag of mixed green leaves "cut and cleaned" (cabbage, mustard, turnip) or cabbage leaves.
2 cups of water or chicken broth or low sodium meat
1/2 teaspoon of coffee sugar
1/2 teaspoon of molasses
1 teaspoon of liquid smoke flavoring (available in small bottles in the BBQ section of most supermarkets)
Pepper to taste
Salt to taste (optional)

Heat the olive oil in a large nonstick pan over medium-high heat. Add the onion and garlic and sauté for a few minutes, stirring frequently. Add the chopped vegetables and 2 cups of water or broth. Add the brown sugar, molasses and liquid smoke and mix well. Carry a boil, then reduce the heat to a simmer. Continue to simmer for about 25 minutes, or until the vegetables are tender.

Yield: 4 servings

Per serving: 82 calories, 2.5 g of protein, 14.5 g of carbohydrates, 2.5 g of fat (0.3 g of saturated fat), 0 mg of cholesterol, 5 g of fiber, 25 mg of sodium. Calories from fat: 26%.

SOURCE: Nutrients in Food by Elizabeth Hands, ESHA Research Food Processor II.

Recipes provided by Elaine Magee; © 2005 Elaine Magee.

© 1996-2005 WebMD Inc. All rights reserved.


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