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The truth is that staying young as the years go by is a choice you make now. Not tomorrow, but right now. No matter what age you are, you can go back and go back to youth by loosening your body with soft yoga stretches that I will share with you later.

Aging, of course, is natural. Learning to embrace the beauty of this journey will give you a quality of admirable grace.

It is the accelerated physical aging caused by lifestyle choices that can be avoided.
Staying young is a path "spiritually enlightened", where self-love is the root of all action. This is where YOGA enters a league of its own.

Mother Teresa said it beautifully: "When I pick up a hungry person from the street, I give him a plate of rice, a piece of bread," but he concludes that spiritual poverty is much more difficult to overcome.

Yoga conditions the body and keeps everything in order. Personally, I have not experienced anything that comes close. However, beyond this physical need, a yoga practice, imbued with a meditative self-exploration, will reveal the essence of everything that has been given to us: a magnificent vehicle to experience this life. This cultivates self-love.

The love you feel for "yourself" will determine your level of personal care, and this in turn will be your anti-aging elixir.

Most people wake up and immediately go into this "On" mode and very often they stay that way until they sleep. This means that the adrenals are working overtime; the body never has time to replenish its energy and resorts to all the supplies to continue driving our daily "missions". This causes accelerated aging, illness and emotional pain that is often reflected in the face.

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Wrinkles and birth certificates are not indicators of biological age; look at the health of your spine if you really want to know how old you are. "You are as young as your spine," is the ancient Chinese wisdom. This is why yoga is known as anti-aging exercise. Yoga keeps the spine flexible through a simple and constant movement, and stimulates the lubrication of the joints, which facilitates mobility.

We age rapidly when we live life quickly, without giving the body time to recover from the demands of our lifestyle. We lose the connection with ourselves and perpetuate negative patterns, even when we see them clearly. It's the self-destructive button that Freud talked about, but that's another article.

The good news is that you can reverse everything with a slower and deeper yoga practice.

You just have to look Master Tao Porchon-Lynch. She is 98 years young, an active teaching yoga teacher, and a testimony of this great practice. The body needs the possibility of restarting, of changing the "fight or flight" switch (sympathetic nervous system) to the way I call "love and light" (parasympathetic nervous system). Only in this last state can we heal and rejuvenate, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Yoga allows us to connect with ourselves in the present moment, feel the breath moving through us and experience the exquisite beauty in our unity with life. Making healthier choices becomes easier, and abandoning the habits with which we struggle happens organically and we begin to truly live "La Dolce Vita".


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