Five things that everyone can grow by five square feet

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As chef and owner of two restaurants in the Brooklyn district of New York City, when Michael Ayoub is not in the kitchen, he can be found caring for his thriving organic garden that often supplies the ingredients for his restaurant menus. And as any New Yorker cornered or inhabitant without a yard should know, it certainly is not necessary to have a massive area to put his green thumb to good use.

Five things that everyone can grow in five square feet: Michael Ayoub

1. Black cherry tomatoes
"They have a different and interesting color than other tomatoes. And although they are small, they have a rich tomato flavor. Perfect in salads and pasta. "

2. Genovese basil

"This type of basil is very popular among chefs for many reasons, but mainly because its broad leaves have a great flavor. It is perfect for pesto. The plant will continue giving and giving too. All you have to do is not let it flourish. "

3. Swiss Chard Rainbow
"I really love Swiss chard, particularly the rainbow variety because it is not only tasty, but it grows in many different and beautiful colors. Once you cut it, it keeps coming back. Swiss chard is also very versatile: you can eat it raw in a salad, sauté it as a garnish for vegetables or cook it with cooked meals. "

4. hot peppers

"Perfect for when you need to give that dish that extra punch, you can choose the one you want, but I happen to be partial to Serrano, I love adding them to salads or putting them in sandwiches."

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5. Fairy tale eggplant
"This plant grows quite compact, it is a shrub of 18 by 18 inches, and it grows quite quickly, they are very sweet and you should choose them when they are approximately four inches long, grilling them or serving them in pasta.


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