Fight fatigue with these foods

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Medicine defines fatigue as the feeling of lack of energy and motivation that can also develop physically and mentally. It is often accompanied by the desire to sleep continually and people often describe it using a variety of terms and expressions, from exhausted, tired or tired to feeling unwell or feeling exhausted.

Fight fatigue with food.

It is a common phenomenon that occurs due to physical causes in a proportion of 20 to 60% of the time and due to emotional causes in 40 to 80% of cases. What you eat is a main factor for its appearance. Avoid caffeine and sugar, which cause your blood sugar level to oscillate violently. Make sure you get enough sleep and try to get enough exercise. Also, try to eat your dinner at 6 pm and if you exercise at night, be sure to finish your practice three hours before going to bed, so that your body has time to cool off.

The following foods are meant to help you take charge of your life and combat this unpleasant condition:

Pumpkin seeds – You can easily observe a low level of magnesium if, after 30 minutes of physical exercise, you feel completely drowned in energy. Pumpkin seeds have a high amount of magnesium and a dose of 310 mg for women and 400 mg for men should be taken daily. Yogurt – The imbalance that can sometimes appear in the microorganisms of the digestive tract can cause fatigue. Yogurt is rich in probiotics, which can rebuild the lost balance. Wheat cereal – Fibers can help you fight fat cells, but they can also help you feel more energetic. One study showed that, after 2 weeks of consuming cereals, people felt with 10% more energy and fatigue visibly reduced after increasing fiber intake. Nuts – Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, nuts help relieve the symptoms of depression, which generally have a great contribution in the development of fatigue. Dark chocolate – Polyphenols increase the level of happiness, which means that the level of serotonin secreted by the brain increases and the sensation of fatigue is visibly reduced. Watermelon – The more water you drink, the better you feel. If you can not drink the amount of water recommended by doctors, eat a little watermelon and enjoy an intake of only 46 calories. Red pepper – It is rich in vitamin C, which is known to be a cold fighter. It also reduces oxidative stress, another factor that contributes to fatigue. Eat 1 cup of red pepper a day and an amount of 200% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C will flood your body. Whole grains – Carbohydrates are an essential part when it comes to increasing energy. To avoid any weight fluctuations, choose to eat whole-grain crackers or a bowl of oatmeal, rather than products that contain white flour.

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As in any other case, the fight against fatigue begins with a healthy diet and continues with regular exercises. Keep your doctor away and adopt a healthier lifestyle without feeling the weight of fatigue in your body.

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