Fight against cancer with long pepper

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Did you know …Can a spicy plant called long pepper fight cancer?

It is estimated that 1,685,210 new cancer diagnoses will be performed in 2016. Stimulated by the growing number of people living with cancer, scientists continue to seek a cure for this disease. Some, like Dr. Siyaram Pandey, have discovered that potent cures exist in nature, simply waiting for us to take advantage of their power.

Dr. Pandey, a crusader against cancer with a successful record of identifying natural cures for cancer, may have identified his most effective treatment so far.a spicy plant called Aji largo That causes the cancer cells to commit suicide.

The hot plant that kills cancer

Alternative names for long pepper, one Aji largoflowering
Vine with fruits that look like long and smooth pineapples, include …

Peepal Pippali Vaidehi Magadhi Krishna Piper longum

Pandey and a team of researchers from the University of Windsor in Ontario and the University of Ottawa published an article on long pepper in the scientific journal. PLOS One that describes how an extract of the fruit of the long pepper plant can lead to cancer. apoptosis. Apoptosis is a process in which cancer cells cut off their own energy supply and self-destruct. "We are very excited," says Pandey. "We believe that the extract points to multiple things and forces the cell to commit suicide." Best of all, the mechanisms that cause self-destruction of cancer cells have no effect on healthy cells.

Keep healthy healthy cells

One of the most convincing features of natural treatments against cancer is that they are not toxic like radiation or chemotherapy. "One of the main problems with cancer therapy is that anything we use to kill cancer cells also kills healthy cells, which is a very serious side effect," says Pandey. Despite decades of research devoted to finding a cure, we still do not have a selective medication, which Pandey calls "hard to imagine."

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In the 1960s, a compound of the long pepper fruit stood out as a potential fighter against cancer, but nothing came up until 2011, when researchers at Howard University put that compound at the top of a list of 25,000 compounds with the potential to fight cancer.

Pandey found that investigation and asked, if a single compound of the long pepper had anticancer activity, what could a total extract of the fruit do? "We are discovering that there are many more compounds present in the extract that could be working in synergy with cancer cells."

Long history of health benefits

Research on long pepper extract is ongoing, but the fruit itself already has a long history of use in the Ayurvedic tradition. The best way to determine an adequate dose of this herb is to consult with a naturopath or herbalist.

The ideal dose varies depending on the condition you are trying to treat, as well as your age, sex and general health. If you are interested in trying it yourself, be sure to consult a trusted health professional.

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