Fermenting like a professional! Questions and answers with the queen of alchemical fermentation.

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Probiotics are something we have always loved to teach you! The fermentation of food and beverages goes back thousands of years due to its ability to provide an incredible source of energy, help detoxification and improve overall health.

Although fermented beverages are an old medicine, they are relatively new to the health industry. From time to time we run into the most incredible gurus and witness how they create magic through their social networking communities and products like recipe books. Felicity Evans from Imbibe Living He is one of these creative people.

Called affectionately the "Queen of the Alchemy of Fermentation", it has a gift for fermenting food, especially water kefir. We get so many questions about the fermentation of their own food, we think who better to ask the Queen, Felicity Evans.

FOOD IS IMPORTANT: you are nicknamed the "Queen Alchemist". Tell us why!

Alchemy is the process of turning one thing into another, almost like magic, and I feel that when you ferment water kefir and other probiotic drinks, that's what you're doing, creating some magic!

Each week, I turn a flat collection of ingredients into sparkling, delicious, delicious and probiotic drinks that literally turn water into probiotics.

It is an incredibly special process and that I am deeply in love with.

These drinks are a big part of my life. They have fed and cared for my little family, and I am very grateful to them.

IMPORTANT FOODS: What is the only thing you would create for someone you are trying to convert to a healthier lifestyle?

My homemade raw chocolates. Everyone who eats one always wants more!

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In fact they are so healthy that we have them at breakfast! They have almost no sugar, they are full of healthy fats and minerals and magnesium of raw cocoa.

Then I pour them into these little molds of sweet flowers, so they look so pretty!

You could say I'm a bit addicted to them!

FOOD ISSUES: What are your top 3 fermentation tips for newbies?

Just start. All you need is a jar with a lid, some patience and a willing attitude. You probably already have everything you need to make a probiotic drink in your pantry right now. Do not get tangled up buying all the equipment you think you need. I see many blogs that say you need alcohol measurements, air bags, special measures for this and that and a room dedicated to fermentation. You do not All you need to start is a recycled glass jar, a spoon and other things from your cupboards. Embrace the unknown It's a new skill for most of us, so be patient and be curious. The magic will unfold.

FOOD MATTERS: What are your 5 basic elements essential to "can not live without"?

My angelic daughters Sun Water Kefir Amor Ghee

IMPORTANT FOOD: Myths about health that you would like to deny forever …

That saturated fat is bad. It is not. Stay away from toxic vegetable oils and embrace the saturated fat that we are naturally destined to eat. That the juices are healthy. If you look at the average sugar in a fruit juice, you will see that there are about 5 to 20 teaspoons per serving! That is crazy! No, fruit juice or its sugary, smoothie counterparts does not pass to my lips! Choose vegetable-based vegetables and opt for a vegetable-based shake. Or better yet, simply choose a low-sugar fermented drink! You need to use an antibacterial hand cleaner and hand sanitizer as something that happens every day. Of course, there have been occasions when I have been grateful for the hand sanitizer in case of emergency (hello festivals!), But as an everyday thing, just use soap and water for hand hygiene and let the bacteria live . They are mostly good for us when we are in balance!

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FOOD ISSUES: Finally, what is your favorite recipe?

the Beet kvass. It is earthy, sugar free, strong and delicious. You can drink it as a drink, or as a long drink with a bit of soda water. It is made by cutting the beets, adding a little salt and water and letting them ferment for a few days until they are ready to be bottled.

In addition, it is very easy to do!

If you have filtered water, salt and some beets, you can prepare the most beautiful drink to clean the blood that the liver loves.

Take a look at Felicity's new book, Probiotic beverages at home by Felicity Evans (Murdoch Books PVP $ 27.99)

Probiotics at home

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