Fartlek training workouts and benefits

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Many people rely on Fartlek's training to improve their endurance and speed, among other benefits of this simple yet unique approach to exercise.

What is the Fartlek formation?

Fartlek is a exercise routine style that combines interval training with continuous training, which means that the intensity level of your training will increase and decrease over a distance or a certain amount of time. This method was developed for the first time in Sweden, from where the name originates, which means "fast game", and is practiced mainly by runners. This could mean combining jogging with periods of running or for walk With periods of jogging. [1] What many enjoy in this approach is that the intensity, distance and variability of training can be decided spontaneously and adjusted accordingly by each individual.

How does it work?

This style of effective training involves altering its intensity, which can train both your anaerobe Y aerobic Systems to be more flexible. For example, you can start jogging for 1/4 mile, then sprint for 100 meters, walk slowly for 100 meters, and then jog for another 1/4 mile, completing a designated cycle with a final sprint. As mentioned, every aspect of this style of training is controlled by the individual, which makes it infinitely customizable and dynamic. This constant fluctuation in intensity can have impressive effects like a cardio exercise, while also forcing your body to stretch Its limits and strengthen the resistance.

Fartlek training trainings

There are several different fartlek training workouts, which include the 5K training method, the historical fartlek and the music Fartlek, among others.

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Training Fartlek 5K

In this style, your goal will be to improve your 5km running speed and the final hour. You want to include between 8 and 10 smooth increases in speed, with a duration of approximately 60 seconds each, with a trot of 1 minute to recover. You should not stop until you have traveled a distance of 5 km, and this should help you work on your end-of-career increase.

Fartlek reference point

A popular variety of fartlek training is to choose a reference point in the distance in your career, be it a building, a traffic light or a tree, and gradually accelerate to that point. Once you get there, you can return to your normal jog pace until you recover. Then, you can choose your next distant reference point and start accelerating again.

Fartlek music

Create a music playlist where the songs go. behind and go forward between fast and slow beats. Basically, you want to vary between a little below your normal jog rhythm and a little more than your normal jog rhythm. Alternating your running Speed ​​to match these alternate songs, you can have a fun and dynamic workout!

Benefits of Fartlek training

The main benefits of training with Fartlek include greater speed and endurance, improving cognitive Focus, and fat burning, among others.

Force: The intensity this training will help increase strength by creating micro-tears in the muscle, which will be repaired better and stronger than before, for example, muscle growth. [2] Fat burning: The fluctuation between anaerobes0. Y Aerobic exercise is excellent for burning fat and accelerating your metabolism To serve you better! [3] Injury prevention: Since the body has enough time to recover between intense At intervals, the injury is less common and easier to prevent. [4] Speed ​​and resistance: It is known that this approach to the race increases speed and endurance, making it popular for a marathon, half marathon, 10K and 5K runners / runners. [5] Variability and control: Leave all decisions of intensity and duration to individual means. Less pressure to stay within a rigid frame, which means a lower chance of injury or excessive exertion. [6]

Fartlek vs HIIT vs Tabata

These three approaches The trainings have certain similarities, but they also differ in key ways. [7]


Periods of easy or moderate active recovery between intensity intervals (30 seconds to several minutes of work and rest) Heart Rate: 70-85% of the maximum level. It can be controlled or altered spontaneously by the individual. It can vary from 30 to 60 minutes.

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Passive recovery time (standing) between periods of intense training (1-2 minutes to work and rest) Heart rate – 85-90% of the maximum level Normally lasts from 20 to 40 minutes


Total structure of 4 minutes: 20 seconds of intense training followed by 10 seconds of rest. Heart rate – The goal is 100% of the maximum level.

Fartlek Training Workouts & Benefits, Reference: https://www.organicfacts.net/fartlek.html

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