Fact or myth: Are scrambled eggs bad for you?

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This is a fact.

Scrambled eggs are the worst way to eat eggs.

Despite what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other public health organizations can tell you, a well-cooked scrambled egg is not the healthiest option.

The yellow center of the egg, or yolk, is full of living nutrients that sustain and strengthen our cells and organs. But when you cook an egg, exposing it to air and heat at the same time, you are chemically altering its structure. These ingredients are depleted of their nourishing properties of life.

Nutrients such as lutein and zeaxanthin, whose many benefits include avoiding use Macular degeneration associated with age -A common cause of blindness- perish in the cooking process.

Consider how much we depend on body heat to connect with body awareness. When our temperature rises above 105 degrees, the alarm bells ring, indicating severe health conditions that require immediate attention. oxidation of cholesterol Likewise, when we heat an egg above 105 degrees we are chemically altering the content of the yolk and essentially crossing the line between healthy and harmful.

Stirring the eggs also causes the oxidation of cholesterol. What the hell is that?

When you open an apple and leave it out, what about it? It turns brown. That is oxidation, and the same process happens inside our bodies! When the cholesterol in the egg yolk is oxidized, our bodies suffer the consequences.

The myth of cholesterol

Eggs are typically associated with the word cholesterol. We are going to discredit this myth.

Cholesterol is necessary. Your cells need cholesterol to form cell membranes, hormones, vitamin D and bile acids that digest fat. Cholesterol strengthens our cognitive function and protects our memories. And what's more, numerous studies have shown that eggs do not actually raise your cholesterol levels, so oxidation of cholesterol is harmful to us.

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One such study published in the International Cardiology journal He found that a daily dose of egg did not increase his cholesterol levels and had no effect on his heart risk.

The first studies that linked eggs with high cholesterol were conducted decades ago and were tested with dried egg yolk of a composition significantly different from that of a whole fresh egg. Studies since then have refuted this link. A study published in the Nutrition Diary and led by researchers at Kansas State University, he has even discovered an ingredient in eggs called phosphatidylcholine (PC) that actually prevents cholesterol from entering the bloodstream.

It is not necessary to avoid cholesterol, but it is best to dodge the oxidized cholesterol in scrambled eggs. Our blood vessels do not have receptors for cholesterol, a beneficial arrangement that protects us from the excessive accumulation of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Our blood vessels do They have receptors for oxidized cholesterol, and that's where the danger lies.

The oxidation of cholesterol leads to a sticky cholesterol that gradually forms a plague around the arterial walls, the main precursor of heart disease.

So, what is the best way to eat eggs? Raw. This advice may seem contrary; we are always warned against the dangers of salmonella, but we should only avoid eating raw eggs when they come from large commercial egg stores, all of which are dedicated to confined animal feed operations or CAFOs. Keep in mind that the vast majority of commercially available eggs are produced by CAFO.

Even eggs labeled "free field" are not truly free-range. A precise definition of poultry refers to chickens that can roam freely in a pasture and fodder for their natural diet of green plants, insects, seeds and worms.

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The definition of "free range" of the United States is simply a chicken that has access to the outside for a couple of minutes a day. This access is often simple, and "access" simply means that chickens can leave if they wish, but many are locked in with tens or hundreds of thousands of other chickens and never get out the door.

Free range does not necessarily mean that you feed on grass. To make sure you are not eating eggs that come from CAFO, buy organic farm eggs at your local health food store or at the farmers market. Remember, eggs from grass-fed hens have 2/3 more vitamin A, 2 times more omega fats and 7 times more beta-carotene than eggs from hens that do not feed.

How to eat raw eggs

One option is to mix a whole raw egg in a breakfast shake. It is healthier to eat the egg white and the yolk together. If consuming a raw egg is unbearable, or is pregnant, the next best option is to eat a boiled egg.

Fact or myth: are scrambled eggs bad for you? Source: http://undergroundhealthreporter.com/cholesterol-oxidation/

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