Expert explains 5 types of domestic accidents that occur between children

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Often, children are alien to their environment. They only have a limited perception of the environment. With their new sense of freedom and movement, young children can move quickly and accidents can happen in a matter of seconds.

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Accidents They are the main cause of injury and sometimes death among children. In fact, the place that people consider most secure, our homes, hides many "dangers". A little lack of attention from parents it can cause serious injuries; However, many accidents that occur in and around the house can be avoided. By identifying and understanding the potential risks of accidents in the home, you can take some basic safety measures that will keep your children safe.

"Falls are the most common type of accidents that occur in the home, contributing more than 50% of cases in the emergency room," he said. Dr. Mohammed Shakeel, HOD-Emergency trauma, Fortis Hospital, Kalyan.

Some common accidents in the home to consider are:

one. Falls: The unstable gait of the child, the presence of objects on the floor, lack of supervision, curiosity of the child, lack of protection in bed, etc. They make children fall very often. Also, even as they learn to walk, there are events of their falls.

? Keep floors free of toys and obstructions.
? Close supervision when the little boy learns to walk.
? Keep the floor dry
? Always make sure that the rail of the crib is raised when the baby is in the crib
? Always use a tight-fitting safety harness on a stroller, stroller or highchair.

First aid: cuts, scrapes and bruises that are due to the fall should be properly cleaned and compressed for a time to stop bleeding, if applicable.

If there is no bleeding or there is a minor injury, the wound can be covered with a bandage. Seek immediate medical attention for serious injuries.

two. Finger caught between the doors: This is the most common limb that threatens injuries among children. Because the fingertips are exquisitely sensitive, your child will immediately inform you that he has been injured. There may be bluish discoloration, bleeding or detachment of the fingertip.

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Prevention: Complete supervision may be the only prevention here.

First aid:
? When the tip of your finger is bleeding, wash it with water and cover it with a soft, sterile or clean cloth and apply ice packs to relieve pain and swelling.
? If the swelling is mild and the child is comfortable, you can let the finger heal on its own. But be alert to increase pain, swelling, bleeding, fever and discharge 2 days after the injury. Seek immediate medical attention for convulsing fingers or excessive bleeding.
? For detached or detached fingers, gently wipe the fingers, cover them with gauze soaked in saline solution, place them in an airtight bag, and place them in an ice pack. Do not place the piece directly on the ice pack.

3. Putting things in the nose.: Children under 5 years of age often put strange objects in their noses. Sometimes they copy other children or accidentally inhale the foreign body while trying to smell it. In most cases, the objects are soft or small, such as tissues, clay, pieces of toys, beads, foam, erasers and food.

"Your child can tell you to put something on your nose, or you can find out on your own. The most common symptom of a foreign body in the nose is the nasal drainage. Drainage appears only on the side of the nose with the object, and often has a bad smell. Sometimes a whistle is heard while your child is breathing, "Dr. Shakeel added.

First aid: these children should be taken to the hospital immediately. The kissing technique can be done at home if the child is stable:
? Place your mouth over your child's mouth. Hold the nostril that is not closed with a finger, gently blow into your child's mouth; This can dislodge the foreign object.
? Take your child to the nearest emergency room.

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Four. Suffocation: Accidental ingestion of foreign body, strangulation, cover of the head with blankets, accidental suffocation with a pillow while the baby sleeps in prone position, almost drowned, etc.

? Choose toys appropriate to the age of the children. Avoid toys with small removable parts.
? Small objects, strings and plastic bags should be kept out of the reach of children.
? Children should not be allowed to play while they eat.
? Never use a pillow or a heavy blanket for babies under one year of age
? Never leave children alone in a bathtub or sink full of water.

First aid:
? Do not panic. Eliminate the child's cause of concern; ask for help immediately and take your child to the nearest emergency room.

5. Poisoned food: Food poisoning, accidental ingestion of drugs, detergents, insecticides, etc.

? Keep medicines and chemicals out of the sight and reach of children, preferably in an insulated, enclosed cabinet.
? Always store chemicals in their original containers with appropriate labels.
? Make sure that toys, dining utensils and fixed material purchased for the child meet the international standard.

First aid:
– Do not panic. Ask for help immediately
– Examine the child if the airway is clear (for example, he can talk, cry or not); If breathing is adequate (note the color of the face and the respiratory rate). If the child is unconscious but the airway is clear, breathing is normal, place him laterally and ask for help.
– Take the child to the emergency room, carry with him any vomit and remnants of medication taken while seeking medical treatment.

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