Exercise or diet? In which to trust?

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Well, this is a boring but honest answer: exercise and diet go hand in hand. Asking me to choose what is important / which is effective or which is easy to implement is like asking a mother to choose the favorite between her two children.

one. The word diet itself scares us because we do not consider it as a friend, but as a nightmare. Dieting is the most misunderstood concept, but once it is communicated correctly, this can work wonders in our lives.

two. Eating well, eating often and eating on time is the only way to achieve an ideal body / healthy weight. Eating well and eating are two very important factors for a healthy stomach, along with regular exercise.

3. Exercise improves blood circulation, controls our appetite, decreases our cravings for unhealthy packaged foods, teaches us what to avoid and what to eat and, above all, strengthens our digestive system.

Therefore, exercise controls the signs of unnecessary hunger and puts you on a path to eating well and eating on time. Next time, if someone has a debate with you, you have a correct logic to explain.

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