EWOT therapy strengthens your oxygen supply

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Did you know that … your body's oxygen supply is reduced by half throughout its life, but can it reverse the process without a prescription?

As you get older, the supply of oxygen to your body tissues is reduced to 50% or less of the levels of your youth. This is a serious problem, according to Dr. Manfred von Ardenne (a student of Dr. Otto Warburg, best known for his pioneering research on the connection between lack of oxygen and cancer).

That is because severely depleted oxygen levels can be linked to diseases, and to a shorter life. In fact, Dr. von Ardenne believes that most age-related health problems stem from oxygen deficiency. In his book, Multi-step oxygen therapy, von Ardenne claimed it's possible restore your oxygen capacity to what it once was. EWOT

The technique that Dr. von Ardenne developed to restore oxygen capacity was called for the first time. Multi-step therapy. Since then it has become more commonly known as Exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT).

Although there are different ways to practice EWOT, the core of Dr. von Ardenne's therapeutic practice is breathing pure oxygen while exercising.

This allows the red blood cells to absorb additional oxygen … blood plasma … and tissue fluids.

Studies show that this reoxygenation not only slows down the aging process, but can also have equivalent effects to subtract several years of your age.

The many beneficial effects of EWOT

In Germany, the homeland of Dr. von Ardenne, EWOT has been practiced since the 1970s. Considering the multitude of diseases and medical conditions that EWOT can treat, it is a pity that the rest of the world has taken so long to adopt it.

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By filling the body with oxygen-rich blood, EWOT achieves some truly remarkable changes, such as …

• Resolution of vision problems
• Improves cognitive deterioration
• Resolution of balance problems.
Joint pain
• Balance mood problems
• Preventing dizziness
• Boosting the immune system.

Some tips to try EWOT

Experts say you can practice the EWOT technique in your living room, if you want. All you need is pure oxygen, which is available either from a source of bottled oxygen (for which you will need a prescription) or from a oxygen concentrator (These can be found in several reputable sources at a relatively low cost).

Peter M. Zeischegg, an alternative holistic medicine expert, online health coach and board-certified chiropractic neurologist, known to his patients and online clients as "Dr. Z," has advice for the first time you try EWOT.

He says: "Please use common sense: if you feel dizzy or faint, stop and rest."

EWOT therapy strengthens your oxygen supply Source: http://undergroundhealthreporter.com/ewot-therapy-strengthen-oxygen-supply/

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