Everything you need to know about the cerebral aneurysm.

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It occurs in only 5% of the world population, cerebral aneurysm carries only 1% risk of rupture. Do you wonder what it is?

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Ever heard of this disease called cerebral aneurysm? Well, not to scare you, but it's a time bomb inside your head! In more scientific terminology, it is caused when an artery in the brain dilates, which causes a weakening of the blood vessel wall. In most cases of cerebral aneurysms, the symptoms are very insignificant until they become very large or break up. But a normal aneurysm, without signs of rupture, goes unnoticed throughout a person's life and may not even show any type of symptom. So, what is it and why do you need to know?

The symptoms

These are some of the symptoms that you should review and visit your doctor if you observe these.

Pain behind the eye Drop of the upper eyelid Double vision Blurry vision Numbness or weakness of half the body or limb Difficulty maintaining balance when walking Seizures


Brain aneurysms usually advance at the meeting points of the arteries and are caused due to the constant pressure of the blood flow. The aneurysm usually enlarges slowly and weakens as it develops over time. As a result, the aneurysm could rupture or burst and cause a cerebral hemorrhage. Brain aneurysms can occur in anyone and at any age, but they are common in adults between 30 and 60 years of age.


There are different reasons why you can be diagnosed with a brain aneurysm such as aging, head injuries, inflammation and infection, and genetic inheritance. These are the reasons why you do not have control, but there are also some that you can control, high blood pressure, smoking and drug use.

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How to diagnose

If you suspect you are bleeding from the rupture of the aneurysm, go to a CT scan of the brain. After the examination, you will have to choose one of the following three modalities to confirm the presence of an aneurysm in the brain: CT angiography or MR angiography or digital subtraction angiography (DSA).

Treatment of aneurysm

The cerebral aneurysm is different for each individual and they are also a tailor-made treatment for the patient. However, some of the most common treatment options are blood pressure control, regular angiography tests, anticonvulsant medications, and surgery.

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